CosTalk with Sarah Moon

The Ministers of Good Taste like to reach out and conduct interviews with fellow cosplayers around the world to see what’s going on.  If you would like to be part of CosTalk, or know someone who would – please contact us at

This week we are fortunate enough to be able to interview fellow cosplayer Sarah Moon!



  • Let’s get started:  We know you’re a makeup artist, photographer, and a cosplayer; can you tell us a little more about yourself?

First off, Hello Ministry, Nice to meet you all!!

A lil’ about me?  I guess I’m just a small town girl living in a geeky world, taking the cosplay train going anywhere.  But seriously, I’m a cosplayer living around the Pittsburgh area (Pennsylvania).  I enjoy dabbling in all aspects of costuming: I find it a great outlet for my inner artist, and for me nothing beats that feeling of being accepted by your fellow nerdy peers; who totally get you/accept you for who you are FANDOM AND ALL!

  • Nice, we get that!  Could you tell us where your nerdness comes from?  Is there a story behind it?  When did it first manifest and grow – your childhood? formative years?

sm2Well, coming from a SyFy based FAN-family, I really had no chance of an ordinary childhood.  My father was a huge Star Trek fan and my mother love anything thing from Star Wars to Highlander.  One of my earliest memories was when my sister and I were playing Star Trek, we were trying to escape from a lava planet.  To save us, I took out a pair tweezers from my “utility belt” (fanny pack) and RAMMED it into the nearest electrical outlet SAYING “BEAM us up scotty!!!”  I was beamed up alright, electrocuted into the next room!  Sadly I obtained no superpowers from that event lol.

  • Haha!  We’re glad you weren’t beamed any further than that!  What are the shows/comics/books/ movies that inspire you to dress up?

My first anime was Sailor Moon, thusly it owns a huge spot in my heart.  I remember rushing home from school just hanging on every moment of the show.  So If I had to pick an all-time favorite fandom: Sailor Moon would be the top of my list.  But really I have large love for all geeky things; I enjoy everything from movies, comics, videogames, and anime.  I like to think of myself as a well-versed type of nerd girl.

  • So Sailor Moon was your first cosplay – what can you tell us about that?

Actually my first cosplay was Princess Serenity from Sailor Moon.  Being my First cosplay, nothing was correct: my wig was bad, my dress was too big, my makeup was awful.  BUT, you know, even still with all of those unbecoming things… I still felt like a Rock Star!  Just having people recognize me and be excited to meet me (it was the best feeling ever).

  • Being first-time cosplayers recently, we get that!  Can you share how your costume(s) came about? Any good shopping tips?

I’m actually, not the best seamstress, and I will take every route imaginable before I sit down at the sewing machine – lol.  So when I have a cosplay I need to make I will look at the pieces that I will need and try “like a puzzle” to work around with what I can find.  I call it “upcycling cosplay”, for example my Jessica Rabbit was an old 1990s red prom dress the had puffy sleeves and a ugly mesh top at a yard sale (but I saw Jessica in it).  So I cut it up, hemmed the seams and added some embellishments and ta-da it was done!!  With little to no sewing.  I do this with most cosplays, I find what gets me close to the character and then I modify, modify, modify!  What’s important is knowing what your good at and working with what you have.  I won’t let one thing hold me back from something I wanna do cosplay and neither should you.  There is always a solution, you just have to be creative and find it.

  • sm3We love your Jessica Rabbit costume – it’s fantastic.  Does your personality fit?

Thank you, yes Jessica Rabbit is one my favorite cosplays – she is just so sassy and seductive.  But sadly no, my personally type is more like that silly, awkward, clumsy, airheaded girl, who makes people laugh.

  • Making people laugh isn’t bad at all!  When it comes to cosplaying, do you have any role models?

As far as role models go, I have a few cosplay ladies who are just fantastic people and who are really making meaningful changes in the cosplay community, for their work with “positive body image” within cosplay.  They are Ivy DoomKitty and BelleChere!  Please check them out and support them – they are killer awesome.

  • We love their work, and think they’re pretty awesome too.  Speaking of other cosplayers – can you tell us your best stories about a person or group of people you’ve met while at an event?

My friends and I were having the hotel staff bellboy help us carry our costumes up to our room.  When one of our boxes flew open … and our mutual cosplay props box scattered across the floor.  At that time with my whole group’s props in there, the contents of the box was chains, leather masks, handcuffs, a pony whip and other “innocent cosplay items”, that when grouped together just looked “S&M” BAD!  lol!  The Hotel staff member just looked at us like we were serious perverts – lol – as he picked up our things…  You just had to be there and see the awkward tension, it was hilarious!

  • Lol!   Nice – I can only imagine how awkward that would be.  That’s kind of a nice segue into my next question: speaking of awkwardness, etc. – what are your biggest pet peeves while Cosplaying?

Hands down/// the body shaming and cosplay internet trolling.  Being a curvy cosplayer it’s hard to sometimes read comments on the internet now a days.  One has to have tough skin to have a cosplay FB or a social media blog, and this is really disappointing.  We all were bullied at one point or another for being different and that should band us together/raise each other up.  You should be able to cosplay whatever you want.  NO matter the level of your fandom feels, your skin tone, weight, GENDER or any other BS like that.  Cosplay should be about making new friends and experiences / just finally being ACCEPTED for who you are.

  • We couldn’t agree more with you there!  Speaking of being accepted – do you have any good dating stories about breaking the news that you cosplay? Or how does your significant other feel about your nerdness?

I actually attend every convention with my significant other, and I personally think a couple who cosplays to together stay together!!

  • Nice little tagline there!  What are some upcoming events or projects you are a part of/or looking forward to?

I’m Attending NYCC in October, and it will be my First COMICCON of that size.  So because of NYCC I’m working on 3 NEW cosplays (Go big or Go home right??)  I have a Ballroom Sarah From the movie Labyrinth underway, a classic news reporter April O’Neil, and a SUPER-Secret cosplay that you will just have to follow my Facebook page for cosplay hints.

  • Now you’ve piqued our interest – we’ll be following, can’t wait to see them!  Moving away from cosplay – when you aren’t Cosplaying how fashion conscious are you? Do you have any fashion tips? How would you describe your clothing/style?

I love fashion and actually for my “superhero cover job” I photo-shoot fashion photography, so it’s a huge part of myself.  I would say that a nice easy fashion tip/cosplay tip, would be never underestimate the power of a nude lipstick!!  You should always own a shade close to your natural lip shade, and trust me on this – having a nude pigment will make you look “polished” even if you or your cosplay character doesn’t wear a bright lipstick.  This will even-out the color in your lips and it also will photograph better. 😉

  • sm4Thanks for the tip!  We’re going to end here on a more personal note – so could you tell us, if your nerd dream came true: what are you starring in, and who are you starring with? Actor/actresses/writer/directors?

Ooh my – good question, I definitely would want to be Matt Smith’s Companion in DOCTORWHO!!  Flying around all of space and time with a time lord sounds like a pretty BIG adventure!!

  • True story – excellent new series under way there too!  Our last question for you is geared more at helping our readers, so do you have any advice for our readers and your followers?

Just be true to yourself!!  Don’t let anyone tell you that you CAN’T do something because it’s not what NORMAL people do.  Because if you do HIDE who you really are (what really sparks up your heart) you will miss amazing people.  I leave you with one of my favorite poems:

“She had blue skin, And so did he. He kept it hid And so did she. They searched for blue their whole life through, then passed right by- And never knew.” ~Shel Silverstein

  • Thanks for taking the time to share with us, Sarah!


Sarah Moon is out of this world, give her a follow and support!

~ E.S. Norton ~


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