Channel Surfing: The Strain – Creatures of the Night


Alright!  The episode with the action is finally here: there’s a herd(?) of strigoi, there’s a little B&E, and there’s some moltov cocktails – in the words of that important western philosopher Mr. Shady, “Let’s get down to business – I ain’t got no time to play around…”.  Which, when you think about it could be old man Abraham’s theme song.  Or could it?

Anyways, the show picks up immediately after last week’s where Eichorst has been shot and taken off, hanging on to the side of a subway much like a cartoon character would.  The crew – Eph, Nora, and Jim – are confused by what happened…  again… you’d think they’d listen to the old guy at some point.  But he walks them through it again, and discourses on what will kill the strigoi: cutting off their heads, sunlight, the usual vampire killers.  And that’s when Eph has an idea!  UV light – that’ll kill ’em!  So off they go in search of UV lights, and that’s where things get interesting.

“Burglars, vigilantes, vampire-killers… add it to the list.” – Eph

They get dropped off at a store in the middle of a seemingly deserted part of NYC (where’s the traffic here, people?!) only to find that it’s closed.  Eph fixes that by breaking a window, and now we’re criminals!  But they’re not the only ones in the store – this is where they meet up with Vasiliy who notes that they “look like looters”, wonders if he can get anything for turning Eph into the Feds, and then – after noting that he’s a looter too – agrees to split the UV lights he’s collected with our favourite Scooby Gang.

str1After initially deciding to go their separate ways, both teams end up at the gas station across the street from the shop they just burgled.  Eph and crew were there to gather supplies, Vasiliy shows up once he notices that a crowd of rabid strigoi have descended upon the joint.

This is where it gets even better – in a convergence of epically coincidental proportions (if we believed in coincidences that is), one of the other people in the station is the hacker who has wrecked havoc on the world’s communication infrastructure…  they just don’t know it yet.

st3Back to the station!  They’re locked inside, surrounded by strigoi, and have nowhere to go.  After the strigoi let one girl escape as they focus on the station, Eph, Abraham and everybody else comes to the (un)startling conclusion that they are there for the old man.  A couple of other people try to make a run for it at that point, but aren’t so lucky.  Not only that, in an attempt to rescue one of them Jim is lashed across the face by one of the strigoi’s tongues.  I’ll take the time now to acknowledge the poor station attendant who just wants somebody to pay for everything they’re taking, but is too scared to come out of his booth… not really important to the story, but he seemed like a decent kid.

THE STRAIN -- Pictured: Sean Astin as Jim Kent. CR.  Frank Ockenfels/FXIn a sad turn of affairs, Eph notices that one of the worms that spreads the strain has gotten into Jim through the laceration to his face.  He and Nora perform on-the-spot surgery and remove it successfully, but it’s too late.  Jim, the seriously flawed but likable character leaves us too soon – and it’s not pretty.  Here’s where I’m going to mention that after all Eph and Nora have seen, they’re still wayyyyyyy too skeptical; I like Vasiliy – he sees what’s going on, he hears what the old man who seems to have experience says, and he acts on it!  A man of action.  Good.  Somebody’s going to need to get Eph and Nora into game-day shape.

At the end of the day Abraham, Eph, Nora, Vasiliy, and Dutch (the aforementioned hacker-chick, played by Ruta Gedmintas) escape in a bread truck  Where they’re headed to?  I can only imagine it’s Abraham’s lair.

There’s so much going on in this episode, and we learn a bit too: the strigoi are all linked to The Master, they can be controlled it seems, and they learn – say what?  Scary, I know.  But what else is going on though?  I really want to know about the uniformed strigoi from last week’s episode!  And what’s going to happen in that prison cell too?  So many things to wonder about – and that’s what’s great about this show: not only are the episodes gripping, they keep you wanting more.  So tune in next week!  And tell us what you thought about this week!

The Strain’ is aired on FX, Sundays at 10pm

~ J.T. Riles ~


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