Hidden Gems of Netflix: Rapture Palooza… Did The Anti-Christ Get A Bad Rap?


You’ve got this backwards: you go up there to get judged, you don’t do the judging.

An Apocalypse comedy that’s actually funny?  Anna Kendrick, looking as stunning as she can be, fights the Antichrist, played by Craig Robinson, who apparently was the mayor of Idaho and poisoned everyone in the White House when the ishh hit the fan.


Marry me, Lindsey. Marry me and become the mother of my evil offspring.

The movie opens with a sneaky monologue featuring talking locusts and cursing crows – seriously, they’re rather mean.  Anna’s mom returns from the pearly gates after being rejected for judging heaven, asteroids that fall from the sky seem to hunt the remaining living, oh!  And her undead neighbor – not the flesh-eating undead kind – but the lawn-mowing kind?  Wait.  What?

The Antichrist – or Beast, as he insists on being called, delivers his classic, under-sold, cheesy lines (remember Hot Tub Time Machine?); his creepy pickup lines on Kendrick are some of the more classic ones we’ve heard in years.


85 Mins
Rated R

Guest appearances by Rob Corddry – who rides the fence between helping fight against and making the case for the Antichrist; Ken Jeong – God, yes, God; and Paul Scheer – a zombie, make for some fun and added laughs.  But, Robinson really steals this show: his persistent sleaze ball antics are a riot from start to finish.

Grab some beers, or whatever your um… happy laughter thing is, and kick back with this one.  Anna’s a babe, the laughs are immature, and it’s the classic good vs evil….. well, sort of.

~ E.S. Norton ~


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