That VooDoo That You Do Do… Food on the Fly: Voodoo Donuts – Portland, OR/Eugene, OR/Denver, CO


Yes, that's a long line for a donut.

Yes, that’s a long line for a donut.

From their website bio – “Kenneth “Cat Daddy” Pogson and Tres Shannon have been friends for a while. They always wanted to start a business together. Something that would fit into an extraordinary Portland business climate. Something fun, different, and one for the ages. After much searching under rocks, tequilas, and women’s blouses, they found what they were looking for… doughnuts!!”



When you start a bio like that what could go wrong?  If you’re from Portland, you know this place fits right in with the “keep Portland weird” crowd.  Yes that’s the cities motto.  For those that aren’t, this place is an eclectic eye candy on ADHD shock to the system.  The velvet painting above the counter of “The Gambler Kenny Rogers” at their second location really sets the tone.  You could spend an hour just enjoying the ambiance before you even order.  And you might have to; the lines tend to go on for blocks at peak time, usually late-night drunks with the munchies.  Be prepared.

Now you ask, how could doughnuts be that special?  Well let’s go over a few of our favorites, we recommend you venture over to their website just to get a giggle out of the creations, check out the merchandise, and the cool cross-over beers with Rogue brewing.

  • wpid-wp-1409239502308.jpeg

    Because EVERYTHING is better with bacon

    The Maple Bacon bar: yeah it’s a doughnut with bacon.  Bacon makes everything awesome, you can’t go wrong.  

  • The Loop Doughnut: Cereal-covered, kid-friendly, and a crunchy treat.
  • The Dirt Doughnut: Covered in Oreo cookie
  • The Cock & Balls Doughnut: Yeah you read that right, a great office gag (pun fully intended) for those who can get away with it.
  • The Rappers Delight Trio: An Old Dirty Bastard, Marshall Mathers, & Maple Blazer Blunt
Mountains of donuts - mmmm...

Mountains of donuts – mmmm…

Needless to say you can have a lot of fun at this place, the crowds a fun wild bunch at times.  You can easily make some new friends in line.  This is a must visit on any trip to Oregon, and we recommend getting a dozen to take with you going through the airport if traveling.  You’ll make tons of friends with the bright pink Voodoo box. 

~ E.S. Norton ~


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