Pull Your Head Out… Yeah, ESPN – we’re talking to you.


Because he’s a football player, and the coverage should be about football.

I want to start by saying this is not the place to debate religious beliefs about being gay/lesbian.  If you want to partake in futile arguments from either side I’m sure there is a troll on twitter you can get started with.

What I am here to say is: let’s stop acting like every athlete/celebrity-wannabe that could be considered relevant and is different (for lack of a better term) from what society deems acceptable is from Area 51 – they might as well be bright green and have been beamed here from a distant planet.  The world is full of diverse people, why can’t we accept that and move on?  Do we really need to detail the shower habits of a gay football player?  Shame on ESPN and anyone associated with that trash.  Did Josina Anderson forget so quickly how hard it is to be a female reporter in a good ol’ boys network, let alone an African American female reporter?  But this isn’t a race debate either, see twitter trolls about that too if you want that.

In this world at this time we have so many more things to be concerned about; why can’t the media focus on the positive?  Sam – right/wrong/who cares – is a positive influence through his promotion of The Boys and Girls Club among other things regardless of his sexuality .   Unfortunately the media wants to click bait you into finding out who he’s checking out in the locker room.  We have to stop accepting the made-up drama media brings us, this really isn’t far off from the propaganda that was produced during times of war.  The media used to be relevant by bringing us the truth: unbiased, not left – not right, just reporting the facts.

Let’s stop focusing on other people’s lives and get back to focusing on our own: our goals as individuals, communities, and as people of a global community on the verges of many crises we too-often ignore for a cheap retreat into non-reality.  Race has to stop being an issue, sexuality has to stop being an issue; we need to FOCUS on education, the environment, and issues of poverty, hunger, and clean water.  We must stop the constant hate, we must hold people accountable to real life-altering issues, WE MUST DO BETTER AS A SOCIETY!  As individuals we fall, together we can stand tall.  Common sense needs to be common again, instant reactions need to stop, facts need to be gathered, and a ration thought process needs to be followed.

ESPN is just the latest organization who will undoubtedly post a weak apology (they did) and go back to the shaming of others, something they have a long history – as do many other “respected media” outlets – of doing the same.  I personally look forward to the day accountability means something again.  Maybe I’m just one of the few who remembers Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I have a dream”; President John F. Kennedy’s Innagural speech, “Ask not what your country can do for you”; and Tony’s Inch by Inch speech in Any Given Sunday, “We are in hell right now, gentlemen, believe me.
 And we can stay here and get the sh*t kicked out of us or…”
.  Words not only to remember folks, but to live a life by.

~E.S. Norton ~


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