Channel Surfing: The Strain – For Services Rendered


Wow… Just wow – this was one of those episodes that had both TheRealThirtyMinuteAbs and me texting each other, “WTH is happening?!” and “Holy mother of God!!!!”

We start with the husband of our favourite blood-sucking lawyer, Luss, getting back into town from whatever convention of disgruntled salesmen he was attending.  After a brief – and unpleasant – conversation with their children’s’ nanny (these people would not be my choice for neighbours), Mr. Luss heads home where upon arrival he and his cab driver are confronted by some stray strigoi.  Instead of doing what any sane person would do – the cab driver decides he wants to pick a fight with them using his trusty revolver.  It works.  On one of them.  Cab driver 1, strigoi 1.  So, strigoi win on account of the cab driver being – y’know – dead.  Escaping the cab into the relative safety(?) of his house, Mr. Luss meets the more honest incarnation of his wife… and joins the cab driver on our death toll – and he didn’t even take one of these guys with him, slacker.

Meanwhile, we find Gus and friend being processed by the local Po-po after they banged in the head of a strigoi that attacked them on the streets.  He tries to warn the cops about what’s going down outside, but comes across as a drug addict – because who’s really going to believe a criminal when they start talking about whacked out stuff like people with frog-tongues?  We leave these two locked in the jail cell with his friend in a bad way after being infected by the worm-like carriers of “the strain”.

wpid-wp-1408986955801.jpegWhile old man Abraham and the rest of the Scooby gang put his new plan into effect, we are shown flashbacks throughout the show of Abraham as a young man in the concentration camp where he’s been tasked with a special project by Eichorst: creating the box ‘The Master’ is eventually shipped in.  It seems Eichorst sees the end of the Nazi’s reign, but believes bigger things are still in store as he drunkenly talks to Abraham.  We didn’t want to read too much into the conversation, but it almost seemed like it could have been a pointed social commentary on the state of affairs today.  Anyways…

Flashbacks and all aside – the Scooby Gang shows up at Jim’s house as he’s about to flee the scene of the crim… er the city.  Their plan involves a trap, and traps need bait, and who better to use for bait than a terrible liar played by a guy who once inspired a nation?  With the plan in motion, Jim waits for Eichorst at the subway station under the guise of wanting a payoff – no dice.  Eichorst is too smart for that, and after threatening Jim and his wife he takes off into subways.  And – being the idiots they are – everybody takes off after him.

This all prompted me to wonder: when did people start thinking it was a good idea to follow vampires into dark tunnels?  Further prompting me to wonder (again): has nobody in this show’s universe heard of vampires?!  And if they have, why has nobody connected the dots?!

All that aside – after Abraham and Eichorst tussle briefly, Eph gets in a shot with a silver bullet – I’ll take this moment to point out that Eph is a terrible shot – and Eichorst escapes by chasing down a subway much like a lioness chases down a gazelle.

And this is where we get to the good stuff (though really, the entire show has been good up to this point).  After talking to the now-deceased Mr. Luss the night before, the nanny of the Luss children and her daughter head to the Luss residence with the children.  Upon entering the house they are almost immediately confronted by mommy dearest in all her hideousness (seriously, the makeup job for her was killer – pun intended – kudos!).  After a race through the house that seems to be as big as Buckingham Palace on the inside despite looking much smaller on the outside – they all find themselves locked in what looks like a wine room(?) with glass doors.  While the glass is a deterrent to the creepy vampiric tongues – it’s no match for other objects, and for a moment I feared the nanny and kids were done for.  Until the strigoi falls dead with a stake through the head – and that’s where it hit the fan.  We find that the unlikely saviours are…  other strigoi?  In black combat get-ups?  With red markings?  What the devil is going on here?!  After checking to make sure the children are alright – the head of this strigoi strike squad says they’re good to leave, but ends up shooting the nanny’s daughter through the head because she’s been “corrupted” – she had been scratched in an attempt to save the children from one of the evil strigoi.

Epic ending to an awesome episode: it makes you wonder what’s coming next.  I happen to be reading a series by James Rollins and Rebecca Cantrell that just happens to be about strigoi and a monastic order of them that fights the evil strigoi of the world – makes you wonder.  Hopefully we find out more about this group next week, I’d really like to know where they came from.  Another point that came out of this episode I think is – what’s the difference between the strigoi?  What types are there?  We have “The Master” who seems to be ethereal at times, Eichorst who seems almost human, the infected people who have turned into mindless blood-sucking machines (I mean they’re almost closer to zombies in behaviour), and these new guys.  They need to explore these more I think, and the way this series is going I believe they will.  

This series just keeps us coming back for more, how about you?  What did y’all think?  Let us know!

The Strain’ is aired on FX, Sundays at 10pm

~ J.T. Riles ~


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  1. Know what this review needs? More Cowbell!!!


  2. That’s what everything needs, TRMTA… Everything.


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