An Interview with Miss Vancouver, WA USA

The Ministers of Good Taste like to reach out and conduct interviews with members of our community and places we’ve been to see what’s going on, and how we can help causes important to them.  If you know of someone who would/should be interested in participating – please contact us at

This week we are fortunate enough to be able to interview Miss Vancouver, WA, Courtney Peebles!



MoGT:  How about we start with a little about you?  What do you do when you’re not doing a pageant?  What’s a day in the life of Courtney?

Ms. Peebles:  Living in Washington is such a huge blessing.  When I am not competing in pageants, I love to spend as much time as I can outdoors, whether it be hiking, camping, or just simply exploring.  I am also a huge fitness and health junkie, so a lot of my spare time is used exercising and meal prepping.  I have a huge passion for talking to youth about self-confidence, and talking to them about the importance of sticking up for themselves in times of peer pressure or anything that could negatively impact their morals, beliefs, and values.  I love spending time with my family and friends.  I participate in church league softball in the spring time playing 2nd base.  I absolutely love shopping for home décor, and am always looking for do it yourself projects!  I enjoy writing my life experiences on my blog at

MoGT:  What stage of the pageant circuit are you currently in?  You’re current title?  What’s the upcoming schedule/key dates you’re looking ahead to?

Ms. Peebles:  Right now I am really focused on both my physical and mental conditioning.  I am typically spending about two hours a day at the gym both weight and cardio training, and spending another hour studying potential interview questions, walking routines, and the opening dance number routine.  As Miss Vancouver, USA 2014, it’s really important to me to represent my hometown with elegance, grace, and to the absolute best of my ability.  There is so much to look forward to as we are closing in on the final months.  I have 3 rehearsals, a dress appointment, alterations appointments, and a few appearances before the big event and I am just sitting back and enjoying the ride all the way to the big show October 18th and 19th!  From my experiences before, it goes by in a flash!

MoGT:  Pageant contestants have an unusual stereo type, how do you feel about that?  How do you distinguish yourself from the typical contestant?

Ms. Peebles:  They do.  I know people have their ideas and beliefs about what they think actually happens and the functionalities of a pageant, however, this is a huge opportunity for young women to completely step out of their comport zone and have a chance to be a role model to thousands of people.  Each contestant has their own reasoning for competing, their own motivation and goals.  I know the judges have a huge task when they have to judge each young woman because they are all so different and have their own ways of wanting to impact and enforce positive changes in their communities.  Every contestant has a different idea of what true beauty is and it’s important that each person emulate their version on stage.  I feel incredibly grateful that I have had these same opportunities.  What I do to distinguish myself from other contestants is completely and entirely be myself and be honest.  I have stepped away from the pageant world for two years to truly identify my own brand and purpose.  Identifying these key elements are going to influence my success whether I am the lucky one that is crowned, or not.

MoGT:  What are some of the crazy behind-the-scenes things you’ve seen?

Ms. Peebles:  Competing for me is an opportunity to make friends for life.  There are lots of pictures being taken, behind the scenes interviews are being held, and of course, it always gets crazy between the swimsuit and evening gown presentation.  All of the girls are changing as quickly as they can, touching up make up, and spraying hair spray then running to line up!  It can certainly get chaotic, but it’s so important to be in the moment and support the contestants around you.  I tend to always take a couple of minutes to take a few deep breaths, and I will even bust out my iPod to listen to a few motivational songs.

MoGT:  What does the outside world not realize about pageants and their contestants?

Ms. Peebles:  You know, honestly I feel that some people think we are able to just get on stage, walk in 6 inch high heels, smile, and be graceful.  But it takes so much preparation and a heaping amount of self-confidence to get up on stage and strut your stuff.  There is a physical beauty, in which it’s important to show physical health and fitness, as well as internal beauty, in which it’s important to stand behind your morals and values.  Each contestant is different and views each of these elements in their own way.  It’s critical for each contestant to portray a positive image both inside and out because you never know who is looking up to you in each moment.

MoGT:  Tells us about your fashion sense? What are your “must wear” clothes?

Ms. Peebles:  I love a very simple and classy look.  I love to wear mostly simple clothing items such as a cute professional dress or a pencil skirt and blouse and then I love to dress up all of my looks with statement pieces.  A few of my favorite stores are Nordstrom, Francesca’s, Banana Republic, and Charlotte Ruse.  Any statement jewelry with rhinestones for me is a must.  I love lots of sparkle!  On the weekends when I am not working, you will most likely find me in items a little more upbeat like a pair of turquoise skinny jeans, summer tank, and a pair of wedges.10492282_10203342542456722_7246641831889098675_n

MoGT:  What is your hidden nerdom?  Favorite shows/movies/geeky things?

Ms. Peebles:  One of the geekiest things about me is that I absolutely love reading.  When I am planning on being on a cardio machine at the gym for a long period of time, I will bring a book!  Usually something that motivates me to push myself harder.  One of my favorite movies of all time is the Lion King.  I absolutely love that movie!  I have also really enjoyed the Batman series, Breaking Bad, Prison Break, and one of my girliest guilty pleasures is Pretty Little Liars.

MoGT:  If this takes you to where you’d like it to in life what do you hope to accomplish?

Ms. Peebles:  In my first few years of competing in pageants, I was so shy and concerned that what I was doing or what I was saying in my interviews were the incorrect things to be doing or saying.  I have learned over the past few years that there are no right answers.  The only right answer is truly you being honest and open about who you are as an individual and delivering that image open and honestly.  If this takes me where I want to go in life I hope to be a huge inspiration and advocate of overcoming self-confidence and teaching young women to stick up for themselves in times of peer pressure as well as their morals and beliefs.  It’s so hard, especially in this generation with technology booming, for young women to not be pressured into circumstances and for them to steer away from their morals, beliefs, and values.  I hope to be positive reinforcement and a safe haven for those who might be suffering from some of these situations.

MoGT:  Wrapping up, we just want to thank you for taking the time to share with us and our readers – and to ask how can our readers support you and your causes?

Ms.  Peebles:  You can support me by going to my sponsorship page: and supporting me!  Thank you so much for your love and support!

~ S.M. Presley ~



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