Turn Off Your Phones! A Review of Sin City: A Dame to Kill For


Sin City: A Dame to Kill For picks up about two years after the original installment of Sin City, but it’s like not a day has passed.  If you’re looking for more of what you got the first time around you probably won’t be disappointed: there’s plenty of beat-downs, gun-play, other forms of violence, Eva Green in various stages of undress, and Jessica Alba drinking and dancing the night away (though, like the guys at CinemaSins have pointed out – why is it a PG13-rated strip club in an R-rated movie?!).

To start the movie out, we find Marv (Mickey Rourke) coming to on the street with cars piled up around him and a couple of douchey-looking frat boys unconscious in the middle of the road; he has no idea how he got there or what was going on.  That doesn’t stop him from committing random acts of violence and having one of the frat boys killed while he does the other on in himself.

The storylines diverge here, and there are three distinct storylines – one focusedwpid-wp-1408720462631.jpeg around the machinations of Ava (Eva Green) and Dwight’s (Josh Brolin) role in and response to her scheming; the other two are both focused on characters’ desire to kill and/or prove themself to Senator Roark (Powers Boothe): his until-now-unknown son Johnny (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) and Hartigan’s (Bruce Willis) old flame, Nancy (Jessica Alba).

As mentioned above, many of Ava’s plans are moved along by her seducing various men in different positions while appearing in various stages of undress – it seems to work pretty well for her throughout… all the way to the end, when Dwight has just had enough – really had enough this time, he’s not gonna be suckered in by her aga… crap.  Ohhhh… really – and he just wants to go home.

Johnny shows up in Sin City with something to prove… to his dad, the most powerful man in the city, Senator Roark.  He does this by beating him at cards a few times, getting a girl he picked up in the casino dead, and having the crap beat out of him.  But, hey!  He beat his dad more than once and then he got introduced to the finer wpid-wp-1408720454596.jpegpoints of marksmanship.

And lastly we find Nancy still pining for her lost love, Hartigan – who’s ghost keeps coming around, but she has no clue apparently.  She’s got her hand on his old gun, she’s practiced with it, and she’s got the brother who’s willing to follow her on a suicide mission (Marv).  While she’s building up the courage to actually go after Roark though, we get to see her dance a few times – and it is Jessica Alba after all.

So is it worth your time and money?   All in all, like I said above, this movie comes across a lot like the first one: it’s got attractive women, lots of violence, Boothe playing a convincing crime-boss figure, and Bruce Willis mailing it in for another paycheck.  The storyline is really secondary to all of the above – I mean who has three distinct stories in two hours and expects anybody to take them all seriously?  If  that’s your thing – this movie is for you.  If you expect more from your Friday entertainment, I’m sure you could find something better to do – and this is bound to end up in a second-run theater near you anyways where you can catch it for about 1/4 the price.

~ J.T. Riles ~


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