Channel Surfing: Dr. Who Series 8 Premier


The countdown is almost finished!  This Saturday, August 23rd, Doctor Who returns with the Series 8 Premiere on BBC America at 8/7 Central.  The show has been around for so long, it probably needs no explanation…it predates even Star Trek, after all.  Let that sink in for a moment.  Before there was Captain Kirk, there was the Doctor.

I just said it probably needs no explanation, but might as well try, anyway.  A very, very short explanation, though.  To give a full explanation, we’d probably be here until after the new episode airs!  I did mention the show has been in existence for half a century, right?

The show revolves around a humanoid alien – known as “Time Lords” – called the Doctor, no other name given. (Hence the title: Doctor who?)  He travels in time and space in his TARDIS, a time-space ship that looks like a police call box from 1960’s London and happens to be much, much bigger on the inside.  Makes perfect sense, right?

He and his sideki—er, companions travel back and forth through time, visiting the past, the future and all sorts of alien worlds in between.  Whenever an alien menace rises up on Earth, wherever a villain plots to destroy a world, the Doctor and friends are there to stop it.  Of course, it wouldn’t be Doctor Who without a bit of comedy and drama thrown in as well.

But wait, there’s more!  When they are get too old or are critically injured, Time Lords can ‘regenerate’ themselves,wpid-wp-1408738753998.jpeg transforming themselves into a new, healthy body.  The memories are the same, but the face and personality are different.

And that’s where we are currently at in the show.  At the very end of Series 7, the Eleventh Doctor (Don’t yell at me about the War Doctor, I’m trying to keep this simple, okay?) regenerated into the Twelfth.  New face, new personality…what will this incarnation of the Doctor be like?

If you want try some Doctor Who, if you still have some catching up to do, or if you simply want to refresh your memory of the previous season, Netflix and Hulu Plus have all 7 seasons of the Revival Series (aka New Who) available for streaming.

And if you miss the Saturday broadcast, Regal is going to rebroadcast it Monday, August 25th in select theaters.  Go to Fandango to see if any theaters in your area will be showing it.  Granted, you will have to buy tickets to see it, but who wouldn’t want to watch Doctor Who on the big screen while munching on a big bucket of popcorn?

…Or is that just me?

~ K.L. Davis ~


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