Stamp of Approval: A Grab Bag of Good Taste

Apparently people do take Good Taste and Bad Taste seriously (how is Justin Bieber still a thing then?!), and request our input on things.  So, from time to time, we here at the MoGT will compile our readers/followers’ requests and provide what insight we may.  We hope this helps you – if you have a question or a topic you’d like help deciding where it falls on the Good/Bad Taste scale, please message us at – we’d love to help!

Without further ado – here is our first Grab Bag of Good Taste!

Is It In Good Taste To…

Q:  Eat the last piece of pizza at someone else’s house? – Tony S. L.A., CA

A:  Is anyone around to see you snatch that last coveted slice?  If so you’re outta luck unless you ponied up for the pie.  Try getting sh*t-faced, no one blames the drunk guy for trying to sober up with food.

Q:  To leave your phone on when with friends or meeting with someone? – Bill M. San Antonio, TX

A:  Yes. Check it every ten seconds, update your FB status, text five different friends at once?  … Or not.  If you’re meeting with someone to spend time with them or discuss something with them, do not disrespect them by living in your mobile device.

Q:  Go to Buffalo Wild Wings on a first date? – Jan S. Seattle, WA

A:  Chain restaurants are never in good taste.  It says to her, not only are you a douche bag, but you’re a cheap DB.

Q:  Peek inside your new girlfriend’s purse while holding it during a shopping trip? – John L. Eugene, OR

A:  NEVER – I repeat NEVER – look directly into a women’s purse.  Never reach into a purse.  We’ve seen too many horror movies, best case you lose an arm and the mental scars will last into your next life.

Q:  To ever tell a woman that “Yes, those pants/that dress does make you look fat? – Ted R. Boise, ID

A:  Honesty is always the best policy, just don’t be in throwing distance.  All women are beautiful in their own way (curves are not for amateurs), but not all women have fashion sense.  Accentuate those positives.

Q:  Ask your significant other to go to the store and buy you personal hygiene products?  At what point is it in good taste? – Emily T.  Portland, OR

A:  When you’re in dire need and cannot go to the store yourself, then asking your significant other should be no problem. If you’re just too lazy to go yourself, you are in bad taste.  (We felt it should be noted that the stage of the relationship and comfort level of the partners plays a HUGE role here…  and we would appreciate it if no one ever asked us to do this – trust us, we’ll return the favor.)

Q:  Walk away from a craps table if it’s hot? – Adam P. Denver, CO

A:  Never.  Unless you’ve just been shivved by a member of the Yakuza in a secret, underground Tokyo casino, and you’re losing a quart of blood a minute, you PLAY DAMNIT!

Q:  Ask slave Princess Leia if she has “daddy issues” if you’re Darth Vader? – Ethan T. Sydney, Australia

A:  You don’t need to ask a half-naked woman if she has daddy issues, its redundant. Do you ask those strippers you’re tipping if they have daddy issues? Try showing some respect, ask her about her Star Wars fandom. Do look out for a big hairy body-guard.

Q:  Mix characters/ships/slang/terminology from Star Trek and Star Wars? – Bill S. San Diego, CA

A:  Only if you want to be force choked by some Sith lord or gutted like a targh with a Bat’leth.  So in other words, not in any universe – especially this one.  Each series is unique and the fandoms are equally passionate, and while they respect you they would request you do the same.  If it’s an honest mistake – whatever, but if you go out of your way to be obnoxious – you’re in bad taste, and chances are nobody would mind if the Romulans interrogated you or the wookie pulled your limbs from your body.

Q:  For Steven Spielberg to make Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull?  – Dustin S. Medford, OR

A:  The MoGT is divided on this one, but I’m going to side mostly on the pro side here.  It really was part of the natural progression of a series like Indiana Jones, to ignore the fact that most ancient cultures were fascinated with the stars and have legends involving them would be a huge mistake.  Did he skip a few steps?  Sure.  Could he have come up with some more earth-bound storylines?  Sure.  But it’s his series, so more power to him.  The bigger issue here was including Shia LeBeouf in the cast.  C’mon, Steve, you’re better than that!

Q:  For the writers of The Walking Dead to make Daryl Dixon gay? – Stephanie M. Billings, MT

No.  Next question.

Q:  Wear a jersey to a sporting event if it is not of the teams and/or sport being played? – Oliver P. Seattle, WA

A:  No.  If you can’t afford a new jersey, do it like every other poor human being who can afford tickets to sporting event and buy a stupid #1 Finger Foam so you can use it to sob into after your team is down 48-0 only because you were too cheap to buy a jersey like every other normal fan.  It’s all your fault.  Pro Tip:  foam fingers are also useful for soaking up beer.

Q:  Use your cell phone at the urinal?  – Aaron M. Branson, MO

A:  If you’re an emergency responder and you’re responding to an emergency – go for it, but we expect you to take off forgetting to button up you’re in such a hurry to get somewhere to stop whatever street war was initiated by some idiot telling the Vulcan cosplayers to “Live long and may the force always be in your favour”.  Outside of that – this is just a sick practice that needs to stop.  If you engage in it, I hope your phone falls into the toilet and you taste urinal cake whenever you use your phone.

Q:  Talk to other people at the urinal?  And at what point is it in good taste?  – Aaron M. Branson, MO

A:  This just makes us uncomfortable.  We’re there to get something done, please don’t interrupt us.  If it’s in passing through the door, say “Hey” and move along.  Let’s not make this more awkward than it has to be – none of us are friends at the poker table, the fantasy draft, or the urinal.

Q:  Take your child to the movie theater?  At what age is it acceptable?  – Justine S. Cleveland, OH

A:  This is a bit of a touchy area, since some kids are better at handling movies than others.  Unless your child is an angel (he/she isn’t), and unless you’re willing to dump a cap of NyQuil down their gullet to keep them quite (parent of the year, you’re not), then it’s probably wiser to get a sitter or stay home like every other miserable parent.

Q:  Ever see the Carrot Top Show?  – Matty S.  Reno, NV

A:  The MoGT take a pass on this one and recommend you do the same.  Seriously.  We’re bothered that the words “carrot” and “top” made it into any of our articles in conjunction at all.  Please don’t go there again.

Q:  When does it cease to be in good taste to hit on a service professional? – Ethan B. Paragould, AR

A:  When there’s a restraining order against you and/or when they’re related to you.  All other times are acceptable and encouraged.

Q:  Greet strangers with a Vulcan hand salute? – Olivia P. – Queensland, Australia

A:  In a world where people are more and more disconnected, and they’re angrier and angrier – do it!  It’s always in good taste to wish people long lives and prosperity.  If they have a problem with that – they’re probably already headed down the path to the dark side and you don’t want them to live long and prosper anyways… (I mean, they’re in the wrong fandom and everything!).

That wraps up this Grab Bag of Good Taste!  If you have questions – don’t hesitate to write us at

Now, for those Trekkies out there: Live Long and Prosper; and for you Star Wars fans: I hope J.J. doesn’t tear out your heart and jump on it like he did with ours… and May the Force Be With You.

~ MoGT ~


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2 replies

  1. You guys crack me up. Seriously!
    About the significant other question. Using the term “significant other” seems to imply a marriage. Or. At least an extremely close relationship. Would picking things up for a husband/wife be *that* bad?… Are you not men enough to gird up your loins and take one for the team? 😛


    • Hail, High King Peter! We don’t take the term “significant other” to those ends – to us it just signifies an established relationship, and at the beginning of those there could/maybe should still be a little awkwardness when it comes to personal requests like this. A couple of us are married, and when things need to get done – we get ’em done; that being said – standing in that aisle trying to find the requested item(s) is still about the most uncomfortable feeling this side of what we think staring into a strangers eyes for 10 minutes would feel like (in case you were wondering, it’s super awkward – we had to do it at work as a training exercise).


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