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The Ministers of Good Taste like to reach out and conduct interviews with fellow cosplayers around the world to see what’s going on.  If you would like to be part of CosTalk, or know someone who would – please contact us at

This week we are fortunate enough to be able to interview fellow cosplayer Vicki-Vic from Australia!

MoGT:   What are the shows/comics/books/ movies that inspire you to dress up?  Role models? Actors/Actresses you aspire to look like?

Vicky-Vic:  I have to like something to Cosplay it.  I mainly love my PS3 games and the characters I can play on there.  I also love my anime collections; so much so that I have a heap planned with those.

A lot of the Australian Cosplayers; such as Variable, Eve Beauregard, Rae Johnson, The Artful Dodge and Mad Maven inspire me to Cosplay.  The work they put in is just incredible and it is recognized.  They are amazing inspirations and they offer some great tips!  I also love to watch the American cosplayers like Jessica Nigiri, Museable and Courtoon; they also just are inspirations with the work they do and the details.

MoGT:  Where did your Nerdness come from and what kind of story is behind it?

Vicky-Vic:  So I started out as a regular kid; I am sure most of us do.  My papa was into Star Wars and mum is into Star Trek.  Papa had a PS1 with the original Tomb Raider and Crash Bandicoot and this started my love of Play Station.  When I hit grade 5 in 2001; we managed to get our hands on a PS2 which we had won in a comp.  I got Final Fantasy X for my birthday that year, and history started for me.

I clocked 200+ hours quickly and killed the game.  I fell in love with the leads Yuna and Tidus and the tragic story/ending.  I then followed into the sequel and killed it too.  When I finished; I had just got to grade 10; which was 2007.  By then I had discovered Cosplay; if I recall Cosplay wasn’t big in Australia back then.

Back in 2010; I was 18 at the time.  I jumped on eBay brought a Cosplay and attended an anime gathering. I took 2 yrs. off to finish university to become a Registered Nurse, and then I started my first every Cosplay which was made by me.  At the time, Captain America the First Avenger had been out for a year and I wanted to be one of the dancing USO girls from the beginning of the movie.  So I researched.  Joined a group of girls who were also like-minded and made my first USO.  Since then I remade it 2 times and now have gone onto make American Dream.  I currently also have made a Rule 63 11th Doctor, Princess Anna from Frozen, Gunner Yuna from Final Fantasy X-2, Lily Evans (Hogwarts 7th Year) from Harry Potter and I am working on 52 Supergirl and a DC villain; which is a bit of a spoiler there, no one knows that my secret Cosplay was a DC Villain.

MoGT:  Do you have any pet peeves while Cosplaying?

Vicky-Vic:  My pet peeve is elitists who look down on others.  Cosplay is Cosplay.  We make costumes for fun; but sure our skill levels are different but we shouldn’t be judging skills.  We are all cosplayers; we should all be applauding each other and suggesting ideas on how we do things.  Cosplay is for everyone.

MoGT:  When you aren’t Cosplaying how fashion conscious are you?  Do you have any fashion tips? How would you describe your clothing/style?

Vicky-Vic:  I am a big geek with my clothes but I am also am a country girl.  So my wardrobe is a bit country and a bit trendy/geek.  I always try to make an outfit work and be stylish when I am going out or when I have friends over as I do hate to be judged for what I look like.

Be yourself.  Let your clothes depict who you are.  I wear jeans with geeky tops; or my personal favourite, Black Milk Clothing legs and tops with my cowgirl boots.  I turn heads with the combos but that’s me in a nutshell.  I look good but I am also me.

MoGT:  Tell us your best stories about a person or group of people you’ve met while at an event (SD Comic Con preferred)? What is the Cosplay culture like where you’re from?

Vicky-Vic:  I remember my second con; I was there as Lily Evans.  So full dress robes from Hogwarts, flaming red hair and green eyes.  I had a little girl come running up to me and pull on my robes.  She said: “I want to be just like you when I grow up”.  I didn’t know if that was the Cosplay or to be a Cosplayer; but it is a memory that will stick with me.

In Australia; Cosplay is still relatively new to Australia but it is becoming more known here.  I find that the cons are friendly and open; though some are in the middle of summer and can be killer in full Cosplay, even with the air conditioners on.  I find the people at cons are appreciative of Cosplays and thankful.

MoGT:  What was your very first cosplay: character/event/story?

Vivky-Vic:  My first Cosplay was Summoner Yuna from a Final Fantasy X. I brought this Cosplay on eBay.  But since then I have discovered my mums old Janome; and also went on to buy my own.  I have now made nearly all of my Cosplays.  I look forward to remaking Yuna in the next year or so.

MoGT:  Can you share how your costume(s) came about? Any good shopping tips?

Vicky-Vic:  I make most of them now. but if I find an official weapon/jewellery; normally on eBay, I am all over that.  My particular favourite is Yuna’s Silver necklace from Final Fantasy X.  Which took me ages to track down.  But persistence.  If at first you don’t succeed; keep trying.

MoGT:  Do you have any good dating stories about breaking the news that you cosplay? Or how does your significant other feel about your nerdness?

Vicky-Vic:  Dating stories; not really.  I have dated one guy, but he was into the culture too – but that didn’t turn out too well.  We spilt for reasons not relating to Cosplay/gaming.  But I do find; been in a rural area, when I am out on the town and guys ask me what my hobbies are and I reply Cosplay they just nod like I am a freak and go “what is that?”.  Hah.  It is misunderstood where I am living at the moment, but if I were to move to Brisbane or Cairns; it would be a bit more understood 🙂

MoGT:  What are some upcoming events or projects you are a part of/or looking forward to?

Vicky-Vic:  As I mentioned above. I am working on 2 DC Cosplays and I am also in a Sailor Scouts group for next year.  So I am getting pretty pumped.  It is going to be a long run till April next year and November this year.  I have to complete the DC Cosplays ASAP.  Haha.  Typical cosplayers.

MoGT:  Tells us about what you want your followers to know about you: what are your passions in life? Any advice for our readers and your followers?

Vicky-Vic:  So when I am not being a Cosplayer; I am a Registered Nurse in a rural hospital.  I really enjoy what I do and I couldn’t see myself doing anything else; not even professional Cosplay.  I love working with patients.

I am also an avid surfer and horse rider.  So when I can get to the beach I am surfing and bike riding and rollerblading.  When I can; I am horse-riding.  So I have many interests; I just find Cosplay is my main with gaming on the side.  🙂

MoGT:  If your nerd dream came true: what are you starring in, and who are you starring with? Actor/actresses/writer/directors?

Vicky-Vic:  Okay.  Right.  Well.  I am a huge Captain America fan… Movies.  Comics.  Novels.  So I would be loving to star in a Captain America related movie.  Hah.  Chris Evans would be amazing to work alongside.  Or I could geek out and I would love to work with Month Om on RWBY as one of the voice actors on the show.  Too many choices.  Whyyyyyyyyy.  Haha!

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Thanks for CosTalk’in

~ E.S. Norton ~



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