Channel Surfing: Outlander – Sassenach


Men in kilts meets time travel.

I’ve got to say I wasn’t really sold on the idea of this show, let alone it being on Starz – that alone usually leads me to pass.  Now… I was looking for something new to review with a decent amount of hype so I flipped by Outlander and had an hour to kill – why not give it a try?

The story starts with Claire Randall (Caitriona Balfe), a combat nurse in 1945.  Placed in Scotland and married to a husband she doesn’t relate to outside of the bedroom, they quickly discover their maid is into a seemingly druid ritual.  The early character development of Claire is actually fantastic: she’s a strong-willed, smart, educated woman.  Rare in a lot of TV circles.  As Claire explores the ritual scene she stumbles upon a portal and is unwittingly transported back to 1743 where the British are invading Scotland.

Again I thought this is where the story was going to lose me.  I figured they’d throw Claire’s smarts outb16d15cb3247214f2d3bca237d56c297 the door and she’d spend the rest of the season trying to cope with what just happened.  I got a surprise, after she hits the ground and is chased for a few minutes she almost fully grasps that she been sent back in time.  Although she’s not sure completely when in time at first, she quickly figures out it’s roughly 200 years prior.  The development only gets better as Claire quickly shows her moxy and fits right in with the Scottish warriors who’ve saved her from the British.

As they travel through Scotland she uses her book smarts to recall historic events and aid the Scots, along with her combat medical experience she quickly becomes an asset.  You can tell she’s also developing some chemistry with one of the warriors.  This should add some great drama when, I assume, the hubby comes looking for her.

So in short, this show has the makings of a great start.  Beautiful, young, smart, self-assured woman.  Action between the Brits and Scots.  Some Sci-fi tie-in that could allow a fair bit of creative intrigue from the writers.  Excellent character development.  Think a cross between Game of Thrones, Sons of Anarchy (on horses), and Stargate.  I’d recommend giving it a shot, and we’ll keep the reviews coming.

Outlander airs on Starz Saturday at 9 

~ E.S. Norton ~


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