CinemaSins – Because Who Doesn’t Enjoy Laughing At Other People’s Mistakes Now And Then?


It’s so wrong you’ll laugh.

Have you ever watched a movie and just thought, “No way…  no friggin’ way…”?

We have too!  And so have a couple of guys on YouTube as well – Introducing (for those of you not in the know) CinemaSins!

Created by former movie theater managers, Jeremy Scott and Chris Atkinson, this YouTube channel has garnered over 4.8 million views!  Within this channel there are a few choices: What’s the Damage – where they calculate the cost of stuff destroyed in a movie (using time-appropriate costs, of course); Movie Recipes – where they make foodstuffs/drinks from movies just like in the movies, currently featured is the “Great Gatsby Cocktail” made with the most pretentious ice cream you can find, Gentleman Jack (because DiCaprio once played a character named ‘Jack’ and it’s classy as – well, you know), some tears, and some old spice seasoning… garnished with a cigarette…  Yeah, you heard me.  Check it out.; Conversations With Myself About Movies – where one guy literally talks to himself about movies… much like my everyday viewing experience at home; and the biggest draw of all… the Everything Wrong With… series – in this series they take a movie and recap everything wrong they can find with it in less than 20 minutes (it can range from 10-16 from what I’ve seen).  They keep a “Sin Count” and “Sin Timer” throughout, and at the end they declare a punishment for each film.  Pretty fun stuff really – who doesn’t do this in their own head from time to time?  They just do it on the internet for our enjoyment.

When so many people take so much seriously (way too seriously in our opinion) in today’s world – it’s not bad to sit back and have a good laugh every once in a while.  These guys do a great job of taking things we enjoy and making them even funnier – sure it’s at the expense of what we already liked, but that’s part of what makes this so good.  We’d like to applaud these guys for making us laugh, and hope they keep up the good work.

I’ve linked to one of our favourite videos here, Everything Wrong With Sin City.  We hope you check these guys out and have some fun seeing exactly what’s wrong with your favourite movie, maybe pick up a recipe or two on your way.

~ J.T. Riles ~


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