Channel Surfing: The Strain – Occultation

Death is in the air…  you can even see it in the night sky.  Wait – that’s not the night sky, that’s a solar eclipse!  Not only that – the Master look-alike is back! (I’ve got to break out some Buffy: Season 1 here soon)  And apparently he’s limited his feeding to one poor unfortunate soul.

After last week’s episode we find Eph still running/hiding from federal agents who want him for the death of Cpt. Redfern.  Nice guy that he is though. he tries to warn his wife – telling her to get out of town before it’s too late (By the way – does anybody else like here less and less with each passing episode, or is that just me?  Can’t stand that woman.).  Unfortunately for him, the sissy boy his soon-to-be ex-wife is shacking up with has called the feds; they show up, and almost the entirety of the episode Eph is in a detention cell.


“You’re both ready – good. I have a new plan.”

Simultaneously. old man Abraham continues his quest to rid the world of strigoi one airline passenger and their family at a time.  At his next stop, the old fart’s heart decides to give him trouble… at just the wrong time; he barely makes it out of a basement populated by a family of the creepy undead.  Does that slow him down though?  Not a chance in the Hades that is about to come to earth – he gets the job done, and then heads home before the eclipse plunges Manhattan into a darkness it might not emerge from.

There’s a little minor player action while Jim and the other criminal element in the show dispose of a body for Eichort, and Gus and his friend are finally introduced to true evil – right before they end up on the wrong side of the law.

And Vasiliy seems to be the only person still working from the government that actually gets a clue.  Apparently he really is smart enough to be offered a full-ride… how’d he end up where he is?  They’d better cover that at some point.  He too tries to warn his family, but again I have a feeling the warning fell against deaf ears – it’s like the Hellmouth up and moved to New York and everybody wants to pretend Sunnydale is a normal town… Good grief.

A little abuse and intimidation later, Eph decides that he’s going to take the feds and show them what’s really going on.  A little while later they find the mortician from the first couple of episodes!  And then an even shorter while later, the two Feds with Eph aren’t his problem anymore.

Meanwhile Nora finally has her ‘Aha!’ moment and decides to take her mother to the only man she knows that can help fight what’s going on – and may be able to protect them during this time.

We find Old Man Abraham, Eph, and Nora reunited at the end – it really is like they’re forming their own Scooby Gang!  (and yes, I will work as many Buffy references into this as I can…)  And we hear the words we’ve been waiting to hear, “You’re both ready – good.  I have a new plan”.  That’s right…  Abraham has a plan – can’t wait to find out what it is – because right now it’s dark outside and the strigoi are kicking some serious blood-sucking keister.

I liked this week’s episode, it did well in reuniting the characters that will be key players and developed some storylines that add that extra bit of depth that makes a show worth watching.  What did y’all think?  Let us know!

The Strain’ is aired on FX, Sundays at 10pm

~ J.T. Riles ~


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