Hidden Gems of Netflix: Iron Sky… or The Moon Nazis are Coming to Get You


Here at the Ministers of Good Taste we like to shine a light on the hidden/obscure goodies.  Today’s goody: “Iron Sky, Director’s Cut”; a cheesy sci-fi romp that is at the same time awful, and stellar.  This movie is very hard to pin down.  It’s the kind of movie you laugh at, not knowing whether or not you were actually the butt of the last joke– not really caring either, because this movie is hysterical! Seriously, there are so many ‘What the-!?’ moments that I seriously lost track.

But what about the story?


Back in 1945 the Nazis retreated to the moon, waiting for the day when they would make their triumphant return.  Fast forward to 2018 when  a not only ridiculously stupid, but also insane caricature of Sarah Palin as the President (right, like we haven’t seen that dozens of times before) sends people to the moon where they discover the Nazi base and set the plot in motion.  What begins as an oddly slapstick, ‘bumbling American saves the day’ plot, quickly turns into B movie sci-fi glory.

Cheesy acting and dialogue?is1


Drawn out death scenes?


Horrible special effects?


Spectacular special effects?


is2Wacky costumes?


Hot ladies?


Hot ladies in wacky costumes?

Check and check.

Yep, this is definitely a cheesy B movie.

Between the Oval Office having a stuffed and mounted polar bear and other hunting trophies, the Nazi’s turning a black man white, the US having a Mars exploration starship named “George W. Bush” armed to the teeth because’ Americans have the right to bear arms, and Mars is a red planet, you know?’, and a scene where one character gives another a ‘Nazi Intercourse Handbook’, and….  This movie is just full of humor that’ll make you say ‘What!?’

The characters are likable enough, though a bit annoying at times.  The beginning is a tad slow, but the movie definitely picks up as it goes.


If I had to compare it to something, I’d say Dr. Strangelove, though Iron Sky is much less serious.  They are definitely in the same family of satire though.

The soundtrack ranges from German Prog to Classic Mad Scientist (kudos on the Classic Mad Scientist btw).  In fact, nearly everything in this movie feels classic to some extent.  The visual style itself is fantastic; the costumes, the sets, the lighting effects, it’s all very well done.  If you’re a fan of funny movies, you could give it a shot.  If you’re a fan of B movies, you probably won’t be disappointed. If you’re a cheesy sci-fi nut, this movie is a ‘must-see’.  It has its warts, but all in all, I quite enjoyed this film.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I must prepare for the Moon Nazi Invasion.

~ josephhawkins31 ~


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