Kick-ass Actors… Or Actors Who Could Kick Your Ass… Or both.

From time to time the Ministers of Good Taste will be issuing Baker’s Dozen Lists of Good Taste.  We hope you take the time to review them, and then follow them as good taste would lead you to do.  Without further ado – here is our first one: “Kick-ass Actors… Or Actors Who Could Kick Your Ass…  Or both…  Whatever.”

"I was born game, and I mean to go out that way."

“I was born game, and I mean to go out that way.”

#13 – Jean Claude Seagal

Bloodsport, Universal Soldier, Expendables 2, Hard to Kill, Under Siege, Exit Wounds.

JCVD & SS are the same person right?  We thought so.

#12 – Vin Diesel

#11 – John Wayne

#10 – Chuck Norris

Walker Texas Ranger, Delta Force, Missing In Action

He’s an icon with a cult following unlike many others.  It’s been years since he was roundhouse kicking butt as Walker Texas Ranger but that hasn’t slowed his popularity.  How many other guys can boast this many pages dedicated to “Facts” or “Jokes” about him?

#9 – Denzel Washington

Training Day, Book of Eli, Man on Fire

One of the more well-rounded actors of our list, he’s won both a “Best Supporting Actor” and “Best Actor” Oscars  (Glory, Training Day), along with 3 other nominations for “Best Actor” (Flight, The Hurricane, and Malcolm X)

#8 – Brad Pitt

Fight Club, Inglorious Bastards, World War Z

Nothing Pitt does is without risk, his roles transcend cinema.  Nominated just 3 times (Moneyball, Benjamin Button, and Twelve Monkeys) and never a victor for “Best Actor”.  Whether it’s fighting Ed Norton, Zombies or Nazis – Brad is always the badass.

#7 – Harrison Ford

In EVERY case you were scruffy-looking, sir.

In EVERY case you were scruffy-looking, sir.

Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Blade Runner

How lucky does someone have to get to fall into two of the more iconic roles of the 70’s & 80’s?  Oh, yeah – and he’s the original Jack Ryan!  Harrison is Hollywood royalty.

#6 – Mel Gibson

Mad Max, Braveheart, Lethal Weapon

If either Mad Max or Lethal Weapon were the only action flicks on his resume he’d be on the list.  Add them together with Braveheart and Mel is an action icon.  How stacked was 1996 for movies?  Tom Hanks (back-to-back winner for “Best Actor”) with Apollo 13, and Mel with Braveheart didn’t even get nominated for “Best Actor”! 

#5 – Bruce Lee


Enter the Dragon, Fists of Fury, The Way of the Dragon

Some legends die young but their deeds go on.  Lee was the complete bad-ass – how many people can say they invented their own style of martial arts?  He is considered one of the most influential martial artists of all time, and quickly became a popular figure world-wide.  Unfortunately for us all – he went in a cloud of mystery at only 32.

#4 – Bruce Willis

Die Hard, Armageddon, Sin City

Bruce has arguably been the most steady action hero of our list.  He’s not afraid to get his hands dirty and throw around an iconic line or two.  Despite Willis’ exploits, he’s never had an Oscar nomination… In our’s and the committee’s mind that’s a good thing – he’d probably just blow it up anyway. 

#3 – Arnold Schwarzenegger

"Ill be back."

“I’ll be back.”

Terminator, Predator, Conan

Not known for his Shakespeare, Arnold was the muscle in some of the 80’s biggest sci-fi flicks with classic lines that resonate today. And in even better news – the Governator will be back!

#2 – Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone in Rocky VI

“Yo, Adrian! It’s me, Rocky!”

Rocky, Rambo, The Expendables

Rocky is so iconic that the “Italian Stallion” was actually nominated for “Best Actor” in 1976 along with Robert De Niro (Taxi Driver) and winner Peter Finch.  And he’s still going!  Two of the other men on our list recently were on the receiving end of one of his classic ass-kickings.  Not bad for a broken Philly boxer.

#1 – Clint Eastwood


“I think you people need a new sheriff.”

Unforgiven, High Plains Drifter, The Outlaw Josey Wales, Grand Torino

Clint Eastwood is American cinema Badass personified.  Clint invented the antihero cowboy, and his brooding persona has won over fans for decades.  You wouldn’t think twice about messing with any of his characters, let alone him in real life – just ask that empty chair. 

~ E.S. Norton & J.T. Riles ~

PS – Tell us who you think is the most kick-ass actor!


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