Food on the Fly: Main Event – Vancouver, WA

So now that we’ve introduced you, our awesomely good taste reader, to Food on the Fly and a few of the places we’ve liked and disliked, it’s time to drop one of the – if not the – best place on our list.


With two locations just on the other side of the river from Portland, OR, this sports grill offers a plethora of deliciousness and a rocking atmosphere to boot.  Take a look at the tasty goodness for yourself at

Starting with the ambiance: Whether you want the sit-down socializing (eastside location) or the standing-room-only drinking crowd (downtown location), they’ve got an excellent clientelle.  With enough TV’s at both locations to cover every NFL game on Sundays plus the NASCAR and soccer crowds, the staff is all over finding your team and putting them on for you.  The layouts of both locations are great and they’re both very fresh, hip-looking places. 

The Drinks:  Imagine sitting around thinking of all the drinks you could experiment with… Well, I’m betting you’d find most of them here: fresh watermelon long islands during the summer, Fruitloop martinis, the best standard long islands we’ve had, and so much more goodness!  Most of the bartenders have a specialty they like to whip up, so we recommend asking.  Oh, you like beer?  Yeah, they do that too; the selection is robust at worst.

“Hands down, Main Event is the best sports bar I’ve ever been to – I don’t plan on missing any Sundays there in the forseeable future; it’s a great place to catch the games, an even better place to eat, and a place where – to steal from a show – everybody knows your name.”

~ J.T. Riles ~

The Service: For a place that can pack the house at almost any hour, you won’t find better service.  An eager, energetic crew who isn’t friendly just because they have to be.  They excel at recognizing and remembering customers and their drink orders.  We could name our favorites but there are far too many awesomely skilled bartenders to single out just a few.

The Food:  The chefs at Main Event also knock it out of the park. wpid-wp-1408033242554.jpeg Personal favorites include: salmon rolls (seasonal), jalepeño poppers, meatloaf muffins (succulent meatloaf wrapped in bacon and topped with mashed potatoes… yeah, you’re drooling just thinking about it), truffle fries that should come with a warning label about being addictive, caprese sticks for appetizers – and that’s only scratching the surface.  As burgers go, you can’t go wrong with the garlic burger or the peanut butter burger (add an egg if you’re daring).  If you’re looking for something lighter and green – throw around some gourmet salads which are as pleasing to the eye as they are to the stomach.  Entrees that please are the flat iron jager-glazed steak, the pork loin, and pecan crusted mahi mahi.  We honestly don’t even come close to covering all the yumminess on the menu, and we’ve tried most everything on it – and some things that aren’t. 

The Price:  Look, I’m going to keep this short: you won’t believe you get all this scrumptious good taste at crazy good prices.  Just go eat there, you’ll be like “jeez, those Ministers are the truth and so is this place”.

My biggest complaint is: I don’t think I’ll find a more perfect Bar & Grill in my culinary travels, they’re number one in our book for certain.

~ E.S. Norton ~


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