Channel Surfing: The Strain – Runaways

I’m sorry I’m getting this out so late – the death of Robin Williams put things on hold for a day or so here, but the show must go on.

My Bubbe told me stories when I was a child. Stories about a monster who fed on the blood of men. ~ Old Man Abraham ~

My Bubbe told me stories when I was a child. Stories about a monster who fed on the blood of men.
~ Old Man Abraham ~

This week we start by discovering that a specialist was sent for regarding Gabriel’s… issues with his manhood.  Not three minutes in and he’s score his first kill, revealing his true nature to his manager, Ruby Wain – who in turn reveals her true nature as a bad, bad person.

Following the revalation and subsequent executions of the creepy little girl, Emma, and her turned father, Gary (sidenote: I’m gonna miss the creepy factor she brought to the show, but all good things…) and Nora’s departure last week, Eph and Abraham start to go through their passenger manifest.

But before we get there, we get a glimpse of Abraham’s history in the concentration camps and the creatures known as strigoi; this continues throughout the show, and we see that his relationship with The Master’s No. 1 man, Thomas Eichorst, stretches back just a taddddd bit further than seems possible.  Also, you can learn a valuable lesson here – when in life-and-death situations, pad your resume… survival of the fittest and all that.

Anyways!  Back to the passenger manifest: Abraham and Eph have a brief conversation where Eph has a moment of brilliance and decides he needs video footage to show The Powers That Be so they’ll take him seriously, kick-ass nail guns with silver charges are exhibited, and Abraham threatens Eph.  They then make their way to the Barbour residence (on the way we find that Eph is wayyyyy to attached to a POS car) where they discover the very Catholic Ann-Marie has committed suicide  and her husband Ansel has locked himself away in the shed with what I’m guessing is his first sire – the obnoxious neighbour from last week.  Things get dicey – as in Abraham does a good job dicing both of them up, and then they set the shed on fire.  Eph has the footage he needs now so he makes his way to the office – where his Director stalls for time because they’re holding him responsible for the death/murder of Captain Redfern.  He realises this and escapes with the help of Jim; now is also the time we find out that the Master’s plan to slow data transmissions is working rather well.

Joan, the surviving lawyer from the plane makes a few appearances here.  In them she doesn’t do anything to detract from the belief that lawyers are blood-sucking, soulless creatures – being catty with her childrens’ nanny every chance she gets… AND looking like she wants to make short work of her two children.

Meanwhile I’ve been pleased with the addition of what seems to be another key player in all of this, the exterminator Vasiliy.  Following everything that’s been going on and a conversation about rats and their migratory patterns with the attractive secretary in his office, he heads down to the sewers to see what’s going on; and boy does he find something.  You remember all those bodies that disappeared?

All that brings us to Nora who has made her way to her mother’s nursing home.  There we see a daughter fighting to deal with the strain of everything that’s happened in the last few days and the pressure that comes from having a close family member with alzheimers.  While there, she’s worried she might not have what it takes to do what needs to be done – Nora gets to be witness to the first vampire attack in the open!  If she’s not ready now, she’ll never be a part of the Scooby Gang.

My impression of this week’s episode is that it had a lot going on and was mostly used as a vehicle to introduce a few storylines and keep the story moving rather than developing any one strain (get it…  strain – The Strain… anyhoo….).  That’s okay for an episode every once in a while, and this show has more than enough that it didn’t really detract from much – especially since all the characters involved have a clear choice in front of them now.

I can’t wait for next week’s episode – how about you?  Thoughts on what’s happened and where things are going?  Let us know!

Oh…  and Gabriel got another kill somewhere in the episode.  So far the vamps seem to winning the numbers battle.

‘The Strain’ is aired on FX, Sundays at 10pm

~ J.T. Riles ~


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  1. I’m sorry, what? Strigoi? Guillermo del Toro? I must live under a friggin’ rock or something…I thought this was another show about a plague like ‘The Last Ship’ so I was avoiding it like, well, the plague. Crap. Now I’m going to have to watch it…


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