Channel Surfing: The Last Ship – ‘Two Sailors Walk Into A Bar…’


Last week I didn’t have a chance to get Channel Surfing done for The Last Ship, but I don’t think anybody missed much; I’m almost to the point of giving up on this show, but I will press on through the rest of Season One.

I’m going to keep this short and sweet because I don’t want to waste any of your or my valuable time.

We join the crew of the USS Nathan James this week after Chandler and Tex were taken prisoner by the Russians that have been chasing them around the equator.  Which isn’t entirely a bad thing –  I mean Adam Baldwin… er Slattery gets to take command!  The Russian commander, Admiral Ruskov, plays the gracious host to his two guests and makes a couple of demands of the Nathan James’ crew, to which it seems they acquiesce.

In the end, Slattery and Dr. Scott hatch a hare-brained scheme to save the two prisoners.  While on the Russian ship Chandler and Tex discover two surprises.  At the end of this week’s episode the mission is a success: we find Dr. Tophet incredibly happy, but was the mission worth the cost the crew paid?

My personal opinions of this episode, and this show in general, is that it’s still got a way to go if it wants to make it: the dialogue is as cheesy as the episode title ‘Two Sailors Walk Into A Bar” would lead you to believe, the story-line continues to stretch the limits of realistic acceptance, and it’s boring…  SO incredibly boring.  Even the action scenes are boring, and this is a Michael Bay project!  What the devil is up with that?!

Anyways – I digress.  If you have nothing better to do on Sunday nights, go ahead and watch this – it’s a good time to get your laundry folded.  Otherwise, do other stuff – heck, “play more games” like Wil Wheaton suggests (I always think this is an excellent idea – what’s your guys’ favourite game?  Mine is Axis & Allies or Munchkin…)

‘The Last Ship’ airs on TNT, Sundays at 9pm PST

What are your thoughts on the show?  And don’t forget your favourite game too!

~ J.T. Riles ~




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