Food on the Fly: Spondivits – Atlanta, GA


sponWe aren’t going to hold back here, this is one of the favorite places we here at the MoGT have ever been to.  With many Con travelers headed to the ATL for Dragon Con soon, we had to recommend you go enjoy some bountiful seafood.  Located near the Hartsfield-Jackson Airport south of downtown Atlanta, Spondivits has been jumping since 1979.  Get in early because it’s packed nightly, but if you have to wait it’s well worth it!

We are going to skip our traditional scoring system, they are so awesome all you’re getting is “MUST EAT” from us.  We prefer bucketsitting at the crowded bar and doing some people-watching over one of their many on-tap beers which come in a two-hander 32oz glasses, but they have informal dinning as well – usually open to the beautiful southern weather… if it’s not too hot.  The menu is an easy choice – go seafood and get a bucket of whatever you like: crab in many forms, jumbo shrimp, and/or lobster.  These can run you $35, but could easily feed two people.  They have some other delicious entrees that may fit a tighter budget, but you’ll be jealous when you see others chowing down on more crab then you can imagine.

Obviously you have wonderful southern hospitality from the crew, just don’t get into it with them about Georgia Football – we speak from experience.  This place is iconic, classic, southern hometown, Georgia seafood.

If you’re going to Atlanta we could not recommend Spondivits enough, A MUST EAT.



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  1. I’m going to take my aunt here next time she’s in town. She’s always asking me to take her to a crab boil place and I’ve never known of one in Atlanta!


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