Channel Surfing: Shark Week All Week!



After waiting for one long year – Discovery Channel’s Shark Week is back.  College students, drinking game enthusiasts, seal haters, and people interested in the mating habits of hammerhead sharks – this one’s for you.

We will do our best to cover what we can this week, but to kick us off here is a schedule of shows to be on the lookout for (all times are in PST):


8-9: Air Jaws: Fins of Fury – follow Jeff Kurr in his search for the great white Colossus

9-10:  Shark of Darkness: Wrath of Submarine – Off the coast of South Africa, Submarine the great white terrorizes the populace… or does he/she?

10-12:  Shark After Dark followed by After Shark After Dark Live


8-9: Great White Serial Killer – is there a serial killing great white stalking the Californian coast at Surf Beach?  Let’s find out.

9-10:  Jaws Strikes Back – Let’s check out the hunting habits of great whites.

10-11:  Monster Hammerhead – How big are the hammerheads in Florida anyways?

Is it just me, or do these guys always look worried/anxious?

11 – 1:  Shark After Dark followed by After Shark After Dark Live


9-10:  Alien Sharks: Return to the Abyss – Deep, deep, deep down in the dark places where the monsters from your childhood reside…  what kind of sharks are there?

10-11:  Lair of the Mega-Shark – New Zealand boasts a great white… or a mega shark of some kind…  Aw, hell – it’s Shark Week, just watch for the love of the shark!

11 – 1:  Shark After Dark followed by After Shark After Dark Live


9-10:  Zombie Sharks – Because there are zombies everywhere else these days.

10-11:  Spawn of Jaws 2: The Birthing – Where do all these friggin Great Whites come from?!

11 – 1:  Shark After Dark followed by After Shark After Dark Live


9-10:  I Escaped Jaws 2 – What’s it like to survive a shark attack?

10-11:  Sharkageddon – Hawaii is being terrorized by tiger sharks and the like, or so they would have us believe.

11 – 1:  Shark After Dark followed by After Shark After Dark Live


FREE NIGHT!  They’ll be showing that piece of crap film, Megalodon.  It was fit for the SyFy Channel and ranks right up there with Mermaids in watchability – get your act together for the love of all that’s holy, Discovery Channel!


9-10:  Great White Matrix – Where we look to see why the coast off Australia has become Bizzaro Shark World.

10-11:  Sharksanity – Let’s check out the bites, the attacks, the kills, and our favourite Shark Week moments!

Tell us what you think of these shows or Shark Week in general either on Twitter @MinistersofGT or here in the comment section!: what’s your favourite part?

~ J.T. Riles ~


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