4 The Con Series: Dragon Con – Atlanta, GA

Now that we are all set to attend again after getting some fortunate bounces late in the game (see SDCC2014), I’m happily here to talk about what I’m looking forward to out of this Con.logo

To start with, Atlanta is one of my favorite places in the country; I spent the better part of winter/spring 2013-14 there as part of my day job.  The southern hospitality and plethora of fried food (I gained 15lbs in 6 months) won my heart – if you haven’t read my Food on the Fly about Spondivits, you’re missing out.  The Hyatt Regency downtown (and other Hyatt properties) are fantastic, and I’ve hit many of them, so I’m looking forward to staying at both the Regency and the Hyatt Grand in Buckhead on this visit.

Now, with that out of the way, the Con itself: as always, the thing I look forward to the most is meeting friends – new and old, enjoying everyone’s love for their genre, and all that cosplay.  I know I’ll be looking forward to meeting a few of you readers down there as well.  I haven’t completely decided if I’ll bust of the Jedi & Lightsaber for this trip, but I’m leaning towards it.

The Con guests: It’s a wonderfully put together list of celebs, I’ve got to give a hardy handshake to the schedulers of Dragon Con.  Without rambling on, the celebs I’m hoping to meet are: Julie Benz – who I adore from Boondock Saints, Defiance, & Dexter; Jeri Ryan, of course who could pass up Seven of Nine?; Giancarlo Esposito from Breaking Bad; the ultra on-fire James Gunn, who will be mobbed I’m sure, but I’ve got to try; Sir Patrick Stewart – what a wow! that would be; and Peter Weller, who’s a big favorite of mine.  Those are just my personal goals of actors I’d like to meet.  Aside from that, it seems like almost an endless list spanning many genres.

The vendor list and booths are rocking as well – I’ve got to go see the Ultra Sabers boys!  We may save these previews for another write up, my editor is begging me to keep this under 500 words (yeah, yeah – make me sound like a slave-driver…). So with that being said, look out for more on Dragon Con.  If you’re going shoot us a note, we’d love to meet you!

~ E.S. Norton ~


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