Food on the Fly: The Portland International Beerfest

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We decided after a long, hard week of work that we were due a cold one, and one of our favourite past-times is brew/beerfests – so we headed down to the Portland International Beerfest last night.

To get the basics out of the way: it’s going on this weekend, August 8-10 down at Holladay Park across the street from Lloyd Center; today they will run from noon-1opm and tomorrow from noon-7pm.  There is free parking at the Lloyd Center, so that’s pretty sweet: thanks guys!  Since this is a beerfest – remember to bring your ID, it’s kind of important.  The cost to get in is $25, and that will get you a glass and 10 drink tickets; the beers range from 1 ticket to 7 tickets.  Oh!  BRING CASH!  Everything inside is cash only, so bring enough to make it through. (If you make it through one day and you want to go back – you can get back inside with your glass and wristband from the day before).

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There’s a Mormon drinking team?! What?!

This year while walking around the event we noticed they have taken the time to set up two croquet sets, a couple of ping pong tables, and some cornhole for people to use while not hitting up the stands or listening to the live music they play throughout the day.  This seems to be one of the more spread out and laid back brewfests we’ve been to, and while some people may enjoy that atmosphere – we find we prefer the type of layout where everything is a little more compact (like the ones they hold down on the Portland Waterfront): it helps serve as a way to bring people together by forcing them into closer proximity, and who doesn’t want to meet new and interesting people at an event like this?!

Now – onto the beer!  There are over 110 kinds of beer on tap here, so there’s something for everyone no matter your taste.  We tried eight different kinds of beer, our two favourite being Double Mountain Brewery’s Cluster F*** – an IPA brewed right here in Oregon (station 3, beer 17) and Wetten Importers’ Delirium Red – a cherry fruit beer brewed in Belgium (station 23, beer 45).  Other beers we tried were Belukus Young’s Double Chocolate, Reposoda Pear Cidar, Firestone Walker Brewery’s Wooky Jack (because we’re Star Wars fans and it seemed like the thing to do), Evil Twin’s Joey Pepper, and a couple of others.  We’re loathe to recommend anything because it’s beer, and we all are looking for different things.  Like we said above, there’s enough here for everyone – so get down there, meet some new people, try some new brews, and have a fun time!

~ J.T. Riles ~


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