Food on the Fly: The Garage Bar & Grille – Vancouver, WA


Given that the Ministers reside in the great Pacific Northwest you’ll see a fair share amount of reviews on the local fare: today is one of those days.  If you’ve read any of my previous reviews you may well know I enjoy dives and hole-in-the-wall bars with eclectic menus and a fair share of people watching.  The Garage doesn’t disappoint.

The Ambiance:  The Garage touts itself as a “sports bar & social hangout” and is placed in what used to be a garage, they roll up the doors and let the beautiful northwest summers in.  They have a fair amount of both tables and bar space.  The staff is an energetic, fun group – if you enjoy playful banter with your whiskey you’ll enjoy.  Now I wouldn’t exactly call them a sports bar, TV watching is their forte.  Think hard rock & roll and a few bikers.  It’s a fun place to people watch and banter…. It won’t blow you away, 3 of 5.

The Drinks: They love their IPA’s and have all the major beer selections, including Pabst, which may account for some of the above-mentioned people watching.  They miss out on a hard drink menu even though they have a full selection (not too top shelf) that includes Clark County’s own Viscova Vodka (Double V Distillery). mac We asked for a signature drink, and even though they don’t have one the bartender whipped up his specialty of a Jack & fresh squeezed OJ drink with a few other surprises.  I’ve got to tell you, that should be on the menu as it was tasty.  Luckily that handy bartender saved the score 3 of 5.

The Service:  It can get busy, but the staff kept up.  And man, are they friendly – new guest or regular.  They make you feel welcome, and they know how to handle the crowd.  Scoring a 4 of 5.

The Food: A bar that serves breakfast every day of the week scores high in my book: who does like to start early?  They don’t do full-on entrées, they’re more of a burger and sandwich style place.  Nowjalepeno when I hit the bar I want a tasty selection of appetizers that you don’t see everywhere.  We ordered 4, and they nailed 3 of the 4.  Blackberry chipotle wings where mighty tasty, and I’d go back just for them.  Smoked bacon mac & cheese was heavy on the bacon flavor just the way it should have been. Now probably what they do best is the stuffed jalapeno poppers, slathered in cheese, a MoGT favorite.  We didn’t much care for the steak bites, we’d recommend any of the others first.  Oh, and the kicker: they do pies!  I know.  Get out, who doesn’t want a pie after a few rounds of drinks!  Enjoyable food, some creativity: 4 of 5.

The Price:  Really good happy hour deals, and the food was lower cost than normal bar fare; the wings were a steal.  Drinks are pretty well priced also.  3.5 of 5.

Final score 17.5 of 25. if you’re looking for a drown-the-work-day-away with some rock and beer with a fair share of “interesting patrons” to watch, this is as good a place going without going downtown.  You’ll enjoy the food, and won’t regret the receipt in the morning.

~ E.S. Norton, Head Foodie ~



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  1. Why you no review The Burrito Banditto, muchacho…ayayayayayaayyay….Carramba!!!! Viva La Carne Asada Burrito!


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