Channel Surfing: The Strain – It’s Not For Everyone



“The whole f***ing episode!!!!! Wow!” ~ TheRealThirtyMinuteAbs ~


That pretty much sums up this week’s episode and the show in general: It just doesn’t get old.

Last week left the good Drs. Ephraim (Eph) and Nora along with their untrustworthy (though they don’t know it yet) sidekick Jim Kent standing over the corpse of whatever airline Captain Redfern morphed into. After a quick autopsy Eph becomes convinced that there is a contagion attacking humans, and it must be stopped. Jim picks now to pipe up about his part in the whole thing: begging and excuses ensue, punches are thrown, and friendships ruined. All in all, a good meeting of the minds.

Meanwhile, the Barbour family introduces some up till now unseen religiousity to the show – something every good show based on vampirism needs.  We also learn that “victims” are cognizant of what’s happening to them which leads to some interesting interactions; and they all seem to lose their… gender as well, which is just total guano – seriously, watch the show and you’ll see what I mean. On a sidenote: be nice to your neighbors, you never know how they may react to you being a jerk.

We find Old Man Abraham predicting more doom on his way out into the streets of New York City with his trusty sword. He eventually meets up with Eph and Nora in spectacular fashion where he challenges them to make a choice: one of them know what needs to be done and decides to take matters into his own hands.

Its been a long time since I’ve seen a show get off to such a good start, but the writing is great, the story keeps you in its grips, and the chemistry between the characters is excellent. I suggest you join us on Sunday nights.

Now, until next time “Get the gasoline” and let’s set this thing on fire.

‘The Strain’ is aired on FX, Sundays at 10pm

~ J.T. Riles ~




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