Living it up: Sharknado 2, LIVE!


Well, that wraps it up for us and our first live blog.  We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.  We’d love to hear what you thought about the movie – so please share with us!  We can’t wait for Sharknado 3 – no matter where it is!  Goodnight!

~ J.T. Riles & E.S. Norton ~

11:02 – ESN: Yeah – that’s gotta cost a dollar or two.

11:01 – JTR:  Good call.  So back to my question before the insanity – what do you think that city cleanup would cost?  All those sharks falling, buildings destroyed, etc.  Gotta cost a pretty penny.

11:01 – ESN:  ‘Sharknado Hawaii’

11:00 – JTR:  Seriously.  ‘Sharknado 3: The Third One’ in a tropical honeymoon spot?  Cruise boat?

10:59 – ESN:  Right, and don’t they think it might be kind of dangerous just throwing them into the storm?

10:57 – JTR:  So what do you think – ouch!  26, 27, 28.  And where did all the chainsaws suddenly come from in NYC?!

10:55 – JTR:  Ah – come to think of it, yeah…  you’re right.

10:55 – ESN:  I think half of the commercials during this movie have been for the Turtles’ movie – they ran somewhere around five in a ten minute period earlier.

10:54 – JTR:  Huh?

10:54 – ESN:  So is there, like, a movie about the TMNT’s coming out soon or something?

10:51 – JTR:  We’ve moved into Tara Sawblade Hands now.

10:49 – ESN:  And there it is – Tara’s not so one-handed anymore.

10:48 – JTR:  This IS pretty epic.

10:45 – ESN:  Using a chainsaw to cut a flying shark in half.

10:45 – JTR:  Apparently being a hero and being a New Yorker are synonymous with…

10:45 – JTR:  IMDB!  Kurt Angle.  And again – what the heck is that meteorologist talking about?!  Sharks falling at the rate of two inches an hour?!

10:44 – ESN:  He’s a wrestler I think…

10:44 – JTR:  Who’s that?

10:41 – JTR:  Right?  But at least Matt Lauer is down with Roker and is throwing ‘Sharknado’ around.

10:40 – ESN:  Just so they could go back down.

10:40 – JTR:  They headed to the high ground…

10:34 – JTR:  It’s almost like a demon shark.  ‘Dominion’ crossover?

10:33 – JTR:  They finally did, and now we have falling shark flambe.

10:32 – ESN:  That’s what she said.  And really?  Always double-tap the propane bombs!

10:32 – JTR:  They’re not generating enough heat.  *giggles madly*

10:31 – JTR:  No crap, Vivica – “Shark!”  Way to waste a valuable ten seconds.

10:31 – ESN:  Time for the hammerheads.

10:30 – JTR:  Dude, Norton is getting super into this.

10:26 – JTR: And another one bites the dust!  25.

10:24 – ESN:  That’s not all it strokes, Ian.

10:23 – JTR:  While I think Radio Shack has the most awkward commercial – Old Spice is certainly reaching for it with that dismembered android-type character…

10:21 – ESN:  On another note – he needs another rope.  Where’s Norman Reedus when you need a rope?

10:20 – JTR:  Good grief.

10:20 – ESN:  Yeah.  They did.

10:19 – JTR:  And they just literally jumped the shark.

10:18 – JTR:  Ouch – at least he went down with his cab?  24.

10:15 – JTR:  Meanwhile, ambulance one – that shark 2… as in pieces now.

10:15 – ESN:  *clearly at a loss for words he just nods his head…*

10:14 – JTR:  “These sharks could be coming down at two inches an hour”?!  What does that even mean?!

10:11 – JTR:  The old man is a New Yorker through and through – awesome!  And now they are fully armed – with swords, fireworks and super-soakers.  Sharks beware!

10:09 – ESN:  Nah – that commercial is great!

10:08 – JTR:  I think Radio Shack wins the award for most awkward commercial of all time.

10:06 – JTR:  Biz Markie and a little grilled shark for the road?  Why not?

10:02 – JTR:  Al Roker seems pretty insistent on the term “Sharknado”, and staying away from them at all costs.  Duh.

10:01 – JTR:  23, with two done in by the rolling head of freedom.

10:00 – JTR:  Make that 22 – impaled by Lady Liberty herself, quick and painless.

9:59 – JTR:  The end was near for that prophet…  21.

9:58 – JTR:  Sharknado…  the best argument against gun control.  Ever.

9:49 – JTR:  16, 17, 18, 19. 20.  Sharks be eating people like they were sardines in a subway – er, tin.

9:48 – JTR:  Eat fresh…  Jared that is.

9:48 – JTR:  Wait…  there are alligators now?!  That is messed up.

9:47 – ESN:  Make that 15.

9:45 – JTR:  That was a gruesome kill…  that brings us up to 13 confirmed kills.

9:42 – JTR:  And he’s gonna take on flying sharks with a baseball bat.  Good luck with that, buddy.  And what’s up with everybody leaving the shelter for open ground?!

9:41 – ESN:  Yeah…  but Tara only has one hand…

9:40 – JTR:  And really?  Guy has to choose between Tara Reid and Vivica A. Fox…  oh, the lives some people lead.

9:40 – JTR:  Dude…  Wil didn’t even last five minutes in – kind of sad.

9:36 – ESN:  I don’t think anybody else is keep score, so sure.

9:36 – JTR:  Call it a dozen?  Keep better track from here on out?

9:36 – ESN:  Good question – was kind of quick.

9:36 – JTR:  So I had a hard time keeping track at the beginning… how many deaths are we up to now?

9:34 – JTR:  That’s the guy from Spin City – Richard Kind!

9:32 – ESN:  And the inside of a shark smells like chicken… of course.

9:30 – JTR:  Good catch – the guy is Judd Hirsch, and apparently he’s a bad driver.

9:29 – ESN:  He was in Independence Day…. He was Goldbloom’s dad.  And that one girl on the island – that was Vivica A. Fox.

9:29 – JTR:  The cab driver…  who’s that?

9:27 – JTR:  “Why are there sharks in Manhattan?”  Better question, lady – with that storm you’re looking at, why are you just standing there?

9:20 – JTR:  Bad jokes about hand loss already.  Way.  To.  Go.

9:19 –  ESN:  Of course, you’ve gotta ask why he married you.

9:19 – JTR:  It is!

9:18 – ESN:  Is that… is that Billy Ray?!

9:18 – JTR:  What would New York be without a Kelly and Michael sighting?

9:16 – ESN:  Mark McGrath and Cari Wuhrer sightings.

9:14 – JTR:  Oh, it’s gonna rain, lady.

9:12 – JTR:  He is driving that thing INTO the runway/ground.  Bet you’ve never seen windshield splatter like that!

9:11 – ESN:  Noticing a theme here – “Hot” is Ian’s favourite word.

9:10 – JTR:  PARTY FOUL!!!  They let the beer go…  sadness.

9:09 – JTR:  Holy Crap!  Kelly’s head just got taken off like a bat’s!

9:08 – ESN:  There’s Wil Wheaton!

9:07 – JTR:  Kids, it’s clearly Superman…  or, y’know, a flying shark.

9:06 – JTR:  “It’s happening again.”

9:06 – JTR:  It’s already started!  Shark on a plane!

9:05 – ESN:  I have to agree – what’s pizza got to do with it.

9:05 – JTR:  I think he wants to focus on the wrong hot thing here…

9:05 – ESN:  I’d milk that for all it was worth.

9:04 – JTR:  How much play do you think he’s going to get out of “I was eaten by a shark.”

9:01 – ESN:  Right off the bat – it’s Kelly Osbourne.

9:00 – JTR:  We have liftoff!

9:00 – JTR:  Co-sign, vigorously.

8:59 – ESN:  Even covered in shark blood – she’s (Cassandra Scerbo) gorgeous.

8:59 – JTR:  Because chainsaws are clearly the only way to go when fighting a great white from the inside out.

8:57 – JTR:  Look!  It’s raining whale-sharks and tiger-sharks!  WWTRD?!

8:53 – JTR & ESN:  We both agree – there should have been a Samuel L Jackson moment: “There’s to many Mother F’ing Sharks in this mother F’ing storm!”

8:50 – JTR:  Still on the original Sharknado… Sharks on dry land eating dudes – what’s not to love?!

8:12 – JTR:  AND SO IT BEGINS.  I’ve gotta say, sitting here watching the original ‘Sharknado’ – I’m getting more and more pumped for ‘Sharknado 2: The Second One’!  Watching movies like this with my dad growing up is one of my greatest childhood memories – we still do it to this day; unfortunately, he couldn’t be here for this one.  But!  I’ve got the other Minister, E.S. Norton (ESN), and we’re going to have a kick-shark time.  Check out our live blog tonight – or follow our Twitter feed!  @MinistersofGT



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