Fashionably Good Taste: The Fashion at San Diego Comic Con 2014, a commentary

The crew at Ministers of Good Taste had intended this article space for an eye-popping review of all the awesome, creative, and out-of-this-world cosplay at SDCC2014; and there wasn’t a lack of exciting fashion to talk about, but that’s for another day.  We are dedicating today’s space to the young woman found beaten within inches of her life – left for dead after allegedly being raped by a man almost twice her age because he thought that was somehow okay because of her cosplay.

Cosplay at its core is a fan’s appreciation and adaptation on the genre that they love. It can be scary, creepy, funny, adventurous, and can even come across as sexy in some cases.  Cosplay isn’t defined by any of those categories, nor is it defined by an age group, it’s plain and simple fandom at it finest.

Unfortunately cosplayers and fans are suffering because of those who make a habit of showing up at large pop culture events just for bragging rights and to show their levels of douchebagery.  We personally took hundreds of pictures with fans of our Star Wars cosplay – all very genuine and appreciative – and we dug every chance we got to connect.  But we did get heckled by what I like to refer to as “Bros”, some in good nature and some downright rude to the point a response was necessary.  I can only imagine what some of the female groups and individuals went through.  Even in large public areas cosplayers got ogled, taunted, and groped.

If you haven’t already signed the petition from Geeks for CONsent, join us in calling out CCI, NerdHQ, and San Diego Authorities to provide better security and better crowd control measures – inside and outside SDCC. Cosplay shouldn’t be objectified, shouldn’t be considered a sexual show where anything goes, and should be a respected art form. Here is to hoping the young woman makes a full physical recovery, and that the mental scars don’t haunt her for the rest of her life.

The petition can be found here:

And you can learn more about this topic at

~ E.S. Norton


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