World Cup 2014: Why America doesn’t really care about Soccer





I’m going to start this article by admitting to a few indisputable facts:

  1. I’m not what you would call a fan of Futbol, but I completely understand it’s an artistic strategy-filled contest of wills that has been the world’s most popular sport for decades – if not longer.
  2. I know this article will not sit well with avid fans, but hopefully you can appreciate my points.  And that if it helps someone on the fence move in one direction or another, that is better for the game as a whole.
  3. Hands down,futbol, soccer or whatever your preferred title is, no Fanatics of any other major sport are like these; you are a truly unique bunch (good & bad), and I tip my hat to your unity.

2014 Will go down as a tremendous story line in the history of the sport: Costa Rica’s amazing run; Naymar’s horrible injury and the host’s [Brazil} utter collapse to follow; America’s run at….. well, in the grand scheme – a morale victory; and Germany’s absolute thrashing of everyone in its way (outside of the draw with Ghana).  From Pele to Maradona to Brandy Chastain to Zinedine Zidane’s bite, soccer is building a memorable legacy in America’s mind: unfortunately we don’t know much more than that.

"It's over - fun ride or not - and America doesn't care anymore"

“It’s over – fun ride or not – and America doesn’t care anymore”

Now, with all that being said, let’s get to the dessert.  It’s over – fun ride or not – and America doesn’t care anymore.  We jumped off the bandwagon.  That’s what we do.  When it comes around again, if we are relevant, we will jump back on.  Why we don’t care is more a telling story of our country’s behavior: we build things up to tear them down, and we can’t build our team up that far because we just aren’t that good.  We don’t have fantasy sports built around soccer; it isn’t a one day a week all-you-can-eat buffet like Sunday for America’s real game of Football; it doesn’t have transcendent stars like Jordan or Lebron; it doesn’t have the known history (in this country) that Baseball has – no Ruth, no Mantle, no Griffey Jr.; it doesn’t have the fanatical following in the US like NASCAR; and, it could be argued in the colder regions of the country, Hockey has all the strategic excitement we need/crave.

I’m afraid soccer may never stick – America has a short attention span.  It can get all of what Futbol has to offer with more local flair in all these other sports – plus we can jump from one sport to another.  If it does stick, look towards the Pacific Northwest.  People in this region like the unique, and a case can be made that if it’s ever going to stick – this is a loyal region to build off of; culturally, with a European flair, it fits.  But as the countless attempts to establish some major sports in this area have seen: if you don’t win, the next bandwagon will come by far too quickly.

" doesn’t have the known history (in this country) that Baseball has - no Ruth, no Mantle, no Griffey Jr..."

“…it doesn’t have the known history (in this country) that Baseball has – no Ruth, no Mantle, no Griffey Jr…”

~ E.S. Norton ~


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  1. Needs more pics of post-op Brazilian trannys. Viva La Carne Asada Burrito!


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