Channel Surfing: The Strain

Week 3 of the new FX show ‘The Strain’ has come and gone – and I’m ready for week 4 now.

The writers continue to outdo themselves in this series, and there are several compelling lot angles to follow:

It seems that Richard Sammel’s character, Thomas Eichorst, has quite the morning routine.  Thomas’ natural physical appearance is quite vampiric – I’d go so far as to say that he closely resembles The Master from ‘Buffy: the Vampire Slayer’ Season 1, and to cover it up he wears so much make-up he could almost be a member of KISS; it seems he’s not too fond of this arrangment and can’t wait to walk as himself either.

While Thomas is busy taking care of “business” (e.g. killing off the head of the airline company in an apparent suicide, convincing Jim Kent – portrayed excellently by Sean Astin – that he’ll continue answering to both the CDC and Thomas, etc.), Dr. Goodweather is busy losing things – his son in a custody battle and all those bodies that were supposed to be quarantined.  At one point he questions his boss about who took them and if it was the government/military how could they possible not know about it – to which his boss continues to expertly portray a head official in CYA mode:

“We are the government – we have a hard time tying our own shoes.”

Not to be outdone – our old pawn shop owner/resident mystery man, Abraham Setrakian (played by David Bradley) plays the incompetent/forgetful elderly fellow to get out of the charges leveled against him in the previous episodes.  Bearing witness to this is Dr. Nora Martinez, played by Mia Martinez, who just wants to find out what he knows about what’s going on.  Abraham wants nothing to do with her though until she commits to ridding the world of the danger he sees – no questions asked.  In my opinion she could be on the verge – but that comes later.

The remaining time is spent following three of the “survivors” from the flight: Gabriel, the rock star who came back to life from the flight, continues to lose his humanity and his manhood; Ansel, family man with two children, resorts to drinking blood from a steak in the fridge while his wife looks on in horror; and Captain Redfern, the surviving pilot, begins to crawl with worm-like creatures until he escapes his containment bed and feeds on blood packs in the hospital’s underground kitchen – eventually being found and killed by Ephraim’s team after he tries to eviscerate them with his creepy, vampiric tongue.

I don’t think these guys know what they’re up against, but suffice to say – I think they may be figuring out it’s not your run-of-the-mill virus.  Maybe next time Ephraim will listen when Nora tells him they should go talk to the old man – and maybe they’ll commit to ridding the world of these things.  Only time will tell, but until they do – I’ll continue to tune in: what about you?

Until next time.

‘The Strain’ is aired on FX, Sundays at 10pm

~ J.T. Riley ~


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