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One of the coolest things we are doing here at Ministers of Good Taste is featuring true honest cosplayers who do it for the love of the Nerdness. Every so often we feature a cosplayer (male or female) and let them tell you a little about why they do who they do, and who they are!

This entry features ‘s very own Vixie PoW, known all over the south for her crazy cool…. Or just crazy Harley Quinn. Take a read and give her some love at her links below, or upcoming events.



MGT Q:  Where did your Nerdness come from and what kind of story is behind it? Childhood? Formative years?

Vixie PoW:  My inner nerd actually didn’t rear her beautiful head till I was older. As a child I was always confined by society’s views of “normal”. A friend invited me to my 1st convention and after seeing all the love and respect people had for each other I knew I wanted to be a part of the wide world of Nerdom.


MGT Q:  What are the shows, comics, books, movies that inspire you to dress up? Role models? Actresses you inspire to look like?VixiePow2

Vixie PoW:  I’m a stickler for the classics.  Harley Quinn is my idol…who wouldn’t want to be a psycho’s girl?!?!  As a child my mom and I would watch X-Men so I have a fondness for Rouge and Storm. And who didn’t watch He-man?!  She-ra was so awesome!


MGT Q:  When you aren’t Cosplaying are you fashion conscious? Do you have any fashion tips? Clothes/style?

Vixie PoW:  I am very fashion conscious! I always try to look my best… u never get a 2nd (chance for a) first impression. My fashion tips would be dress to flatter your body… just because they make something in your size doesn’t mean u should wear it! And always be yourself… If you’re goth..wear ur skulls!..If you’re glamorous…rock your evening gowns!..If you’re a dirty free loving hippie ( like myself)..throw on your maxi dress and strut ur stuff!


MGT Q:  What are your biggest pet peeves while Cosplaying?

Vixie PoW:  People who think they’re better than others. We are all just trying to have fun and express ourselves. Get over yourself!!!!


MGT Q:  Any good stories about a person or group of people you’ve met while at an event?

Vixie PoW:  While I was working Fanboy Expo in Knoxville TN I meet Margo Kidder. She was an amazing woman. I told her I was meeting my boyfriend’s parents that night and she gave me dating and relationship advice for 20 minutes! And trust me I listened!! Any woman who can make Superman love her knows what she’s talking about!


MGT Q:  Can you share how your costumes came about? Any good Shopping tips?

Vixie PoW:  INTERNET!! ALL my stuff comes from various places online. Just have to search endlessly for the perfect piece. Also get a great seamstress in on your team if u can’t sew like me! They will become your best friend! And lastly..thrift shops. Even if u can’t find the perfect piece you may find something u can tweak or rework and make perfect…be creative.


MGT Q:  Do you have any good Dating stories about breaking the news that you Cosplay? Or how does your significant other feel about your Nerdness?

Vixie PoW:  My boyfriend is actually my biggest supporter. He is the owner of the studio I work for and always has great ideas for me.


MGT Q:  What are upcoming events or projects you are a part of/or looking forward to?

Vixie PoW:  DRAGON CON in Atlanta Georgia Aug 29 – Sept 1, Walker Stalker con in Atlanta Georgia Oct 17- Oct 19, Harlen Hauntfest in Harlen Ky Nov 1st, FANBOY EXPO in Knoxville TN Nov 7- Nov 9


MGT Q:  Tells us about what you want your followers to know about you: what are your passions in life?

Vixie PoW:  MY passion in life is to be happy! It’s that simple. I want to make people smile and laugh and feel free to be themselves!!


MGT Q:  If your nerd dream came true, what are you starirng in and who are you starring with? Actor/actresses/writer/directors?

Vixie PoW:  I would do anything, anywhere, anytime for TIM BURTON!!!!



If you want to see more of the totally awesome Vixie PoW in her Nerdom please check out VixiePow3

Hot Spot Studios on Facebook

@HotSpotStudios on Twitter

Vixie PoW on Facebook

@VixiePoW on Twitter – You can find her through our account as well @MinistersofGT



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