Food on the Fly – Crazee Burger, San Diego


One of my favorite things to do when sitting at home watching the Food Network is to note places I want to chow down at when I travel, which is often.  With the love I have for hole-in-the-wall places, you can guess Triple D is one show I pay attention to – despite the host not being my favorite (but that’s for a later column).  So, on my excursion to San Diego I couldn’t pass on the chance to hit up Crazee Burger in the historic Old Town district. CrazeeReview

The Ambiance: When you say “hole-in-the-wall” – this place covers it.  It’s a seat yourself, order at the counter burger joint!  Small bar with an eclectic beer menu and a few bottles of the hard stuff, cozy inside and open outside seating. The menu is nuts and bolts, but with everything from alligator to kangaroo to antelope it can be overwhelming to choose.  I can only give it a 3 of 5 with a little potential waste.

The Drinks: With about 15 micro brews to choose from, they boast a nice variety; my only complaint is I wish they had a suggestion to match with a burger.  If you are looking for a stiff drink, this isn’t the place you want to go. I went with local flavor from Mother Earth Brewing (Cali Creamin), a vanilla cream brew that smelled great and tasted even better.  Drinks aren’t what they are about but they do a decent enough job not having just the major corps, 3 of 5.

The Service: It’s a burger joint and a bit on the smaller side; so they try and are friendly, but it’s just not what they are going to win you over with. We didn’t wait long for our food at all – so that was a win.  I’d have to say 2 of 5.

The Food: I can’t say enough.  I went in with high expectations and they killed it.  I had the Kangaroo Burger with a horseradish cream sauce that wasn’t over-powering, an excellent accompaniment to the burger itself.  It was perfectly cooked, juicy, and the bun didn’t overwhelm the burger.  I’d recommend the onion rings over the fries, for me they did them just the way I like, extra crispy.  If I get a chance – I’m going back on this trip: 4.5 out of 5 Crazee good!

Let’s talk $$$: Beers are about $5 – which isn’t crazy, you have to order sides ala cart… and ok, the burgers run from $8ish to over $20 depending on what size you want: my kangaroo with a beer was about $20 bucks, but I can’t complain about that based on taste. I’d give them 4 of 5 for what they offer.

That’s 16.5 out of 25 which is pretty darn good for a dive, and personally it was one of the tastiest burgers I’ve had in my travels.  If you’re a Triple D fan or a burger junkie check this place out some time!

~ By E.S. Norton, Head Foodie ~



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  1. This sounds like a place I’d eat at often.


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