It’s almost here – we’re just a few days away from our first trip down to SDCC.  We have a lot of things we should be doing, but we just can’t stop day-dreaming about celebrity sightings.

We’re stoked and, as far as I can tell, ready to go: hotel rooms reserved; Uber app downloaded; map of the Gaslamp, check ; we’ve gotten our cosplay on with the appropriate accessories (What Jedi doesn’t travel without their light saber?); we’ve saved up money; we’ve checked the schedules (and double checked); we’ve followed anybody and everybody we can think of on Twitter so we can stay in-the-know; and we’ve read so many do’s and don’ts lists that I’m having a hard time remembering if I’m supposed to respect the different fandom’s deodorants, ask the other cosplayers for a picture of their LinkedIn, or shower daily in Hall H.

So…  What’s next?

I guess – the best thing we can do is come up with things we hope to accomplish & help inform you about while we’re finishing our packing. What’s a trip without some prep advice?

From this trip, we hope to:

  • Have such a good time it’s clear to all that the force is strong with us;
  • Find our doppelgängers, but never cross streams;
  • Get into several light saber duels (That’s what she said?);
  • Sing the Ballad of Jayne with Jayne himself, talk Wil Wheaton into joining our bowling team, or at least call Evengaline Lilly “freckels”;
  • Come away with enough pictures to break Facebook;
  • Give you, our readers, some helpful tips and experiences so that maybe we’ll see you at a Con in the future;
  • Meet people that love Star Wars, Star Trek, cosplay, celebrities, and nerddom etc. as much as we do;
  • Have the experience(s) of a lifetime – until the next Con; and
  • Be able to share those experiences of Good Taste with as many people as possible.

Look out for these helpful & fun additions to the blog in the days ahead:

Travel & packing guide for SDCC: our team has over a million flight miles of experience – we know a couple of things about navigating the airport and airlines.

~ By J.T. Riles & E.S. Norton ~


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